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A Message by ICoFP Chief Mentor
Dear Readers, Welcome to the first edition of IC connect. Since long, we at International College (IC) have felt the need to be engaged with not only our students, but with all the stakeholders who form an integral part of the IC family. Many discussions pursued within the management, which gave birth to the idea of launching an e-newsletter
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that could cover relevant topics in the domain of Finance and Fashion, few articles from thought leaders, current issues which may concern us all and some light hearted content to bring a smile on our faces in this very challenging world. You, as a student, parent, alumni, recruiter, faculty, being in receipt of this newsletter, have entered the IC community, International College under its two verticals of ICOFP and ICF has been contributing towards professional education since 2002. Our industry relevant programs have been much appreciated and we continue to grow with your blessings. The Editorial Board was given only a few days to put together the first edition, to be launched on our 16th Orientation day. Please do excuse any oversights that may have occurred. Having said that, we would love to have your suggestions, feedbacks, and even articles for the newsletter. Wishing you happiness (that always comes with a good read).
JaiVani Bajaj, Chief Mentor, International College.

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"I was one of those kids who was just always on the internet, always on YouTube, so it was easy for me to do it. It’s not work. It’s just fun. "~Shawn Mendes.
That is so true, YouTube has changed everything! Even my life in particular… before the internet there was a particular time to watch any tv show or a movie now we have the ability to watch it anywhere, anytime it’s just on the tips of our fingers. It’s just crazy to realize it…

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Trade War and its Impact on Indian Economy

China and the US have embarked upon a full-scale trade war as both sides lob threats of new trade tariffs. Both the countries have already imposed 25 % tariff on $34bn worth of goods and are ready with a list of proposed tariffs on $200bn of imports.

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Turkey Crisis

Turkey's currency Lira has fallen by over 70 percent against the US dollar in the year 2018 and is now at its all-time low. The global markets, especially Europe, are looking closely at Turkey as it stands on the edge of an economic crisis.

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Introduction: Smart Contract is a software developed to execute commercial transactions and enforces legal agreements which can eliminate the need for intermediaries and their associated transaction costs. It is simply a digital version of traditional agreements.

FOREVER 21 and H&M

The brand has majorly focused on petite sizes with their signature style in every collection. Like every other collection of the brand, Forever 21's new collection also has their signature silhouettes and a-line designs.

Denim Hues

Colour takes on a split direction this season, with both fresh, fun pastels and super punchy brights having equal importance for womenswear. Perennial navy hues shift and appear increasingly casual.


In the era of social media, our youth is really curious to be known by people. Here in the orientation week no day is boring at ICF. There was a Thursday challenge named “POSE TO GO”! our kids selected their role models or the people they are inspired from and they copied their pose from that click. The Thursday environment of ICF was really enthusiastic and excited till the end of the day

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