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BBA (Hons.) with specialization in Financial Planning

An intensive 3 years program with specialization in Financial Planning

financial planning - BBA (Hons.) with specialization in Financial Planning

Duration: 3 Years

“BBA (Hons.) with specialization in Financial Planning is an intensive 3-year program which offers dual benefit of an undergraduate degree from a UGC recognized university AND a professional CFPCM certification, which is a global qualification with presence in around 26 nations.” The program offers general business management subjects in the Ist three semesters and the Financial Planning specialization subjects are offered in the IVth & Vth semester. In the 6th semester, the students have to undergo an internship.

Indian customer is getting more aware of the financial products and their features and is not as naive as it used to be few years back. Financial planners would have to become more proficient and add more value to stay in the business. Thus, today adequately trained and qualified Financial Planning professionals are required by financial planning firms, broking houses, asset management companies, mutual fund houses, insurance companies, private wealth companies, fund managing companies, banks, NBFCs.

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER becomes a FINANCIAL DOCTOR who provides strategic advice to individual investors on risk management & insurance, retirement, investment, tax and estate needs which enables them to create wealth for their clients.

Program Objective

  • To create a new generation financial planning professionals with the required competency, skills and knowledge helping their customers across the world to fulfill their financial aspirations & achieve their life goals.
  • To provide professional advice relating to financial markets, investments, superannuation, retirement planning and insurance in diverse organizations.

Learning outcome

Students who graduate in financial planning will be able to:

  • Acquire knowledge of the methods and techniques of personal financial planning in order to determine the goals of the client and to ensure a maximum degree of financial independence in every stage of his life;
  • Construct financial plans for their clients and help them fulfill their financial aspirations & achieve their life goals.

Course Details

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