Career Opportunity

Financial Analysis Domain

1.Research Analyst: They are think tanks of capital markets. Their task is to analyze future prospects of businesses on the basis of financial & economic factors. They hunt for undervalued stocks where share prices are lower than true economic worth of the company. They generally have specialization in a particular sector of economy and track all news and policy changes related to it. They need to have sound understanding of various valuation models, financial statement analysis and above all the analytical skills.

2.Credit Research Analyst: Phases of financial meltdown in history has proved the importance of credit analysis function in financial institutions and rating agencies. Credit analysts perform tasks similar to that of an equity research analyst except that the end decision is to invest in the debt of a company.

Career Opportunity in Financial Planning
1. Wealth Managers/ Relationship Managers: Wealth managers have come to play a role in the life of people right from the day they begin their career upto the stage of planning for their retirement and writing wills. The candidates should have a high level of interpersonal skills and an understanding of the various investment options. Wealth managers are hired by Banks, Wealth Management companies, Distribution Companies etc. These jobs carry targets and involve client acquisition, servicing and retention.

2.Back Office and KPOs: The Back office or the operations division is at the core of processing every transaction in the bank/ Financial services firm. It links risk management and control processes to help protect the company’s assets and reputation. Operations staff works closely with the other divisions – trading, sales, technology, market risk, credit, compliance, tax and legal – as well as external clients, when required to help facilitate business and provide guidance and direction. Students with sound knowledge of financial & technical concepts are the preferred choice for research based profile at Knowledge Process Outsourcing ( KPO) units. The task is to work on international assignments and research projects to analyze the future prospects of the business.

3.Industry (Finance Department, across sectors): Finance is the life blood of any business. Well managed finance department can contribute to the success of the business. There is much more to finance department than keeping accounts. Logical investment of profits and also resource raising are an integral part of any organizations finance departments. Sound knowledge of Financial Planning & Portfolio management concepts are a pre-requisite for this profile.

Career Opportunity in Banking
1.Operations Manager: Bank Workers are responsible for accepting deposits, paying out money, recording transactions, printing receipts, cashing cheques and advising customers about investments, foreign currency exchange and loans. They may work in a variety of financial institutions such as banks/NBFCs.

2.Retail Banker: Retail bankers act in a customer service role, advising on and assisting with services such as setting up savings accounts, authorizing loans and moving money. Typical responsibilities of the retail banker are recruiting, training, supervising and appraising banking staff.
3.Corporate Banker: Corporate bankers are like retail bankers, but they deal with companies rather than individuals. Their clients range from small and medium sized companies to huge conglomerates. The products they offer include loans and credit, trade finance (such as letters of credit), and employer services (such as payroll). Corporate bankers provide advice to commercial and private clients about a variety of financial matters and promote financial services/products to help these clients run their operations.