Program Overview

ICoFP offers a cutting edge curriculum designed to thoroughly prepare students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the global workplace.

• In semester I to II (inclusive), students would study 6 subjects each semester. These semesters will cover all key concepts of business management, economics, finance, accounting, management, marketing, human resources, organizational behavior and computer fundamentals. The semester will focus on overall personality development, public speaking and executive communication skills apart from rigorous academic curriculum.

• Students will be given an option after Semester II to choose their area of specialization between Banking & Finance Services or Financial Analysis or Financial Planning track.

• The Financial Analysis track will equip students with advanced knowledge of Equity Research and Debt Valuation, international economics, Derivative Strategies and Risk Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Alternate Investment Strategies and Corporate Finance.

• The Financial Planning track will teach students the techniques and tools useful for financial planning and analysis in today’s financial and economic scenario. The modules covered in Semester IV to VI in financial planning specialization are Introduction to Financial Planning, Investment Planning, Insurance, Retirement, Tax and Estate Planning, etc.

• The Banking and Financial Services specialization track will cover overview of banking, regulations in banking, retail banking, corporate banking and credit risk management in specialization of Banking.

• Post semester IV, students will be required to undertake a two month internship project aligned to his/her area of study. ICoFP will assist students to get internships in Finance industry.