What it Takes Becoming a CFA Charter Holder

So, you have made-up your mind to take a plunge into the world of finance and asset management. Though the name appears easy and interesting students should also get prepared to accept some facts that make it so special and unique. With this article our main aim is to help students understand what it takes to become a chartered financial analyst and here goes the facts:

It requires you to pass 3 phases: The degree is a precious one and hence students are required to go through 3 different phases of exams which are meant to judge and analyze the knowledge depth of the student. All the three exams require huge investment of time and energy with patience.

It requires 48 Months of work experience: So you are passionate enough to take those rigorous exams well then you need to be a little more passionate as the certification is awarded to only those who have a working experience of 48 months in a commercial establishment.

Mind your institute: Viewing the degree of complexities certification requires it is important to take assistance of a CFA Institute that is based at the adjoining part of dwelling location. Suppose you are staying in Delhi then you should look for CFA Delhi based institutes so that you can resolve your queries immediately and take immediate support in case you need. There are many other factors that need to be looked at like the affiliation of the institute, its course curriculum, its placement record and other factors that makes it a recognized and reputed name in the education sector.                                                                                                                  

Consider The Cost                                                                                           

Nothing comes free in this life and same is the case with CFA degree. Fees may not be a point of consideration for you still it is worth pondering as a level I candidate will have to pay enrollment fee as well as the registration fee. Similarly level II and Level III will have to pay registration fee then comes the cost of books and study materials and all of them could adds up to heavy sum.