CFA India: Knowing Facts of Pursuing CFA in India

India signed the WTO agreement in the year of 2005 and since the flow of money in the market has become global. The advent of globalization and liberalization too has added a lot of scope for companies to make lofty profits with their businesses. With this the need of professionals of CFA in India has increased many-fold. Companies are looking for professionals who are well-equipped with the finance related rules and regulations so that companies ensure their profits out of their investment.

In fact CFA also called as chartered of financial analysis is trademark of CFA Institute USA and the degree awarded by this institute is globally recognized and accepted. However, students can also get CFA degree from the governing body of India i.e Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India which is commonly called as CFA India by students and knowledge seekers. The degree awarded by Indian governing body is also called as CFA and hence there has been a legal dispute these two countries over the trademark. The US CFA institute sued Indian governing body in the past for infringing their trademark however later on they settled the matter out of court and decided to go ahead with the same trademark.

On the successful completion of the course students get placed in the field of Investment banking, portfolio management or in foreign exchange. The exam is conducted in three different phases which are respectively called as CFA Level I, CFA Level II and CFA Level III and viewing the importance and high recognition of these exams it requires huge investment of time and energy.