Understanding Various Level Exams of Chartered in Financial Analysis

There is no dispute in the fact that CFA also called as Chartered in Financial Analysis is one of the most prestigious and recognized exams available these days in the field of business and commerce. However, students need to also consider that the exam is also very tough and requires them to pass through various levels   of exams to get rewarded with the degree. The path is full of ups and downs and hence students need to prepare in much advance to understand the nature of various CFA Level Exams.

With this article our main aim is to describe all these three exams in brief so that students get to know the exact nature of the exams and start doing preparation. CFA Level 1 is the first of three exams conducted by the CFA Institute in which the strength of students in investment valuation and management is weighed.

The second is the Level 2 where stress is given on portfolio management and wealth planning. The 3rd level exam is the most important and doorway to the degree where stores showcase their understanding of portfolio management. In this exam students use various tools and techniques that they have learned in their previous year to determine portfolio management.