Executive Program in Financial planning

The business environment is turbulent and every executive is challenged to take decisions under ambiguous conditions. To be successful in such times one needs to be a Corporate Athlete – – agile, nimble footed, ready to sweat and flex the ‘mind’ responding to changing environment using both logic and judgment. An athlete strives to excel by staying ahead .Interactive corporate career for a full-time MBA Program is financially a very difficult decision and more often not practical for many persons.

The program is designed to overcome shortcomings without interrupting the participant’s careers.

Industry relevant curriculum

Captains of the industry from bajaj capital Industry Advisory board along with members of the Academic Board ensure that the program ‘s curriculum meets real world requirements, the pedagogy is challenging and contemporary and stays abreast with changing demands and trends.

Global Distinguished Faculty

The hallmark and strength of ICoFP is its Faculty, comprising the best in the field, scholars and experts from around the world. The faculty brings in a wealth of teaching and industry experience to the classroom, thereby elevating the level of classroom discussion and imparting a Global perspectives and practices.

Experiential Learning

The case study based teaching methodology, business simulations, discussions and debates simulate a real-time situation for students, reflecting the problems and critical decision making senior managers, business leaders and CEOs come across today. Simulations forming the backbone of the curriculum immerse the participants in an intense world helping them cope with ambiguity and make decisions under uncertainty.

Peer group and Networking

The student body comes from a diverse background, representing many sectors, with varying experience and work profiles while of 3 years of work-experience is mandatory. In reality, the average work experience of the cohort is between 8 years to 10 years. The MBA Executive program gives a platform to the participants to connect with people from different industries, build contacts which could be leveraged professionally, besides proving to be a learning resource to one other.

Emphasis on Personal Effectiveness and Leadership

Learning inputs are provided on an on-going basis to enable one to be personally effective; by communicating powerfully, listening, inspiring and motivating others, displaying honesty and integrity, collaborating and fostering teamwork, building and leading teams. It is believed that only such emphasis can groom one to be a complete manager.