Program Structure

MBA in Financial Planning program comprise a highly specialized curriculum pack. In order to enable the students to be recognized as financial planning experts in India as well as internationally, ICoFP integrates the curriculum of some of the most acclaimed professional certifications globally. Some of the distinguishing features about Financial Planning curriculum are listed below:

  • Highly specialized curriculum centered around financial planning in first year.
  • Full integration with internationally acclaimed CFP program curriculum.
  • Full integration with must-for-industry professional certifications from NISM & MCX.
  • Inclusion of multiple workshops, projects and assignments to enhance practical skills.
  • Overall program significantly enhances career prospects in India as well as abroad.
  • Inclusion of personality enhancement sessions.



Elbert Einstein said “Education is not the learning of facts but the training of minds to think”. True education is what remains after you forget everything else. Right training does not give you the solution to the problems but the ability to find the problem and create a solution. With strong belief in this philosophy, ICoFP has designed a unique pedagogical system that encompasses highly specialized and effective teaching aides.