Why Students Should Undertake Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning Course

Wealth management and financial planning are the buzz words these days and in past few years it has emerged as the most sought after career courses among students. When we talk about the financial compensation in this field the sky is the limit and you can earn somewhere around 3-4 Lakhs/annum after getting the award of the degree. There is innumerable number of courses available these days that students can take-up however Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning TM is one of those courses that is mostly preferred by students due to its specific and concise nature.

With the growing popularity of this course this too is true that the number of educational institutes has also grown and hence, it has become very important for students to do a wise selection. When we talk about competent educational institutes icofp.org is one of them that they can choose as in last few years it has emerged as  one of the best institutes to undertake courses in finance.

With this article our main aim is to impart some insights about why icofp.org is one of the best institutes these days and why should they undertake post graduate diploma in financial planning.

A Unique Industry-integrated course: One of the specialties about the course is that it is built with the proper consultation of industry experts, professionals and companies. After this consultation the course was built to ensure that not only these students get theoretical knowledge but they are equipped enough to implement those thoughts in practice. In a nutshell we can say that it’s a unique industry-integrated course.

Rich content based on the analysis of job requirements: There is no doubt that the main aim of pursuing a course is to excel in the professional life to get adequate financial compensation and the journey starts with the first job. With this course every care is taken to ensure that students understand the nitty-gritty of the industry, they get to know the trends that the industry is looking for. With this course they understand what could be the requirement of the client and they should satisfy them.

Excellent placements record: The course is witnessing an excellent placement record since its inception and icofp is proud to announce that it enjoys a placement record of 100% and all of its alumni are earning handsome package in the industry.

Opportunity for live projects: One of the peculiarities of post graduate diploma in financial planning is that the institute organizes live projects in various banks, business houses and corporate units where they get to learn the technicalities of the things they will undertake in upcoming days.

To conclude our overall discussions we can say that Financial Planners are the latest breed of professionals who use their expertise and skills for their clients and help them achieve their financial goals.