Program Structure

PGDM and PGDBF program comprise a highly integrated and specialized curriculum offering for the budding financial professionals. In order to enable the students to be recognized as management professional and banking experts, ICoFP integrates the banking curriculum with PGDM Program. In India, Increase in working population and growing disposable incomes will raise demand for banking and related services and expecting to witness growth in rural banking too. The combining course has been designed not only to impart the knowledge of core subjects such as Accounting, Economics, Finance and Marketing and also to emphasize on developing the skills and competencies in banking by studying Retail, Corporate banking, Credit Risk Management, Wealth Management, Treasury and Forex management. Some of the distinguishing features about PGDM with ICoFP-PGDBF curriculum are listed below:
• The programmes offered help aspiring managers to become effective decision makers in their fields through up gradation of knowledge and managerial skills.
• The programme broadens the overall perspective of the managers so that they can become catalysts for change.
• It develops conceptual, interpersonal and management awareness for implementation of new structures and strategies. Improves managerial effectiveness and prepares managers for more senior positions.
• PGDM is at par with MBA in terms of Course Design & Content. It depends on Individual Universities to consider the PGDM equivalence to MBA.
• Inclusion of multiple workshops, projects and assignments to enhance practical skills.
• Overall program significantly enhances career prospects in India as well as abroad.
• Inclusion of personality enhancement sessions.




True education is what remains after you forget everything else. Right training does not give you the solution to the problems but the ability to find the problem and create a solution. With strong belief in this philosophy, ICoFP has designed a unique pedagogical system that encompasses highly specialized and effective teaching aides.
• Experienced and highly qualified teaching faculties mostly with industry background.
• Experienced and highly competitive bankers from reputed banks.
• Project and case study based teaching in key subjects.
• Specialized curriculum trajectory.
• Relevant industry visits and guest industry lectures.