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Risk Management & Insurance Planning

Risk Management & Insurance Planning

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Risk Management & Insurance Planning

Risk Management & Insurance Planning

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Risk Management & Insurance Planning

Risk Management & Insurance Planning

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Risk Management & Insurance Planning

Risk Management and Insurance Planning Specialist (RMIP) is a super-specialized industry integrated program being offered by International College of Financial Planning (ICOFP) in association with Bajaj Capital. RMIP shall empower you with requisite skill-set to understand practical aspects of the Insurance Industry. You may look forward to a fast-track career growth at Bajaj Capital.

RMIP is a job guaranteed 3-month short term diploma course in insurance which integrates Industry Internship and Final Placement at Bajaj Capital as part of the program itself. The program has a unique 2 tier structure –1 month is for intensive study and next 2 months for on-the-job training / paid internship with Bajaj Capital. The course is taught by ICOFP faculty members and Industry Specialists on Weekdays (Monday to Friday) through online mode.

This program is designed to provide an opportunity to young undergraduates and graduates who wish to pursue a successful career in Risk Management to become an insurance specialist. In addition to traditional classroom- teaching methods, this program seeks to bring together the forces of academics, self-development, professional development, and real work experiences into a comprehensive learning experience

This program will prepare the students to work in various facets of Risk Management. It intends to develop ready- to- work professionals who have relevant knowledge to fulfil the need of the dynamic Insurance market.

Program Overview

The 3 Months RMIP Diploma Program in Finance from ICOFP, comes in 2-tier of learning. In the 1st tier, the program begins with a quick intro to the basics of Accounting & Finance and then you will be imparted core understanding of the Insurance concepts – Insurance Terminology, details on various Insurance Products, Risk Planning, estimating Human Life Value and much more. For next 2 months, candidates gets to practically implement their learnings on the job while doing a paid internship with Bajaj Capital. RMIP program not only gives you intense conceptual learning but also builds your practical skills and makes you job ready.

The course content that you study integrates top national level industry certification and this makes it really unique. The program has been designed specifically for graduates aspiring for a career in Risk Management.

Program Objective

By launching the RMIP program, we have tried to bridge the gap of what skill-sets candidates must ideally possess versus what they have as of today (based on their education, different backgrounds). The 3-month RMIP certification course aims at building in you the relevant knowledge and skills, giving you practical learning & exposure and finally a job.

The RMIP program has a guaranteed job placement feature and more interestingly the guarantee is not merely an assurance but in fact a reality. When you join the RMIP program, at the time of your admission itself, you get a Pre-Placement Offer Letter from Bajaj Capital, which confirms your employment at the time of joining the course itself.

You become a specialist with exactly the knowledge and skills which industry looks for hiring.

The program is ideal for:

  • 12th pass students
  • Graduates/ final year students

Program Objectives:

Building a career in the insurance industry offer various advantages and opportunities. Some of the key objectives of pursuing a career in this field include

  • Professional Growth: The insurance industry provides a structured carrer path with opportunities for advancement and professional development. As you gain experience and expertise, you can move up the ranks, taking on higher-level roles with increased responsibilities and greater influence.

  • Job Stability: Insurance is an essential industry that operates across economic cycle. People and businesses rely on insurance products to protect themselves from risks. Therefore, the industry tends to offer more job stability compared to other sectors, even during economic downturns.

  • Financial Reward: The insurance industry often offers competitive compensation packages, including base salary, performance bonuses, and benefits. As you progress in your career and acquire specialized knowledge, you can potentially earn higher income levels and enjoy additional financial incentives.

  • Continuous Learning: The insurance industry is ever evolving, driven by changing regulation advancements in the technology, and emerging risks. Building a career in insurance allows you to engaagae in continuous learning and professional development, staying up-to-date with industry trends, new products, and innovative approaches to risk management.

Career Scope

  • Placement guarantee at the time of admission only.

  • Job Placement Offer Letter at the time of Admission to the Course.

  • Any 12th pass or graduate, want to make a career in BFSI industry, Risk managment and insurance planning Course will lead you to begin your career in the shortest possible time. A super rich knowledge of insurance industry, 2 months of practical learning/ on-the-job training by way of paid internship & nationally recognised NIA certification sets you miles ahead of any other postgraduates or MBAs.

On day 1 when you join the program, you get a guarantee to start your career with Bajaj Capital & depending on the performance & in line with the HR policies at Bajaj Capital, the future career growth opportunities would be as follows:

Timelines Course Journey Role
0-1st Month Online Classroom Learning of Financial Markets & Wealth Management Student
1st-3rd Month Paid Internship with Bajaj Capital with stipend of ₹ 10,000/- per month for 2 months OJT Intern
4th Month Placement at a CTC between ₹2.16 LPA to ₹2.40 LPA + Incentive Bonus + Perfomance Linked Incentive + R&R Contests Relationship Manager

Program Curriculum

The Program Curriculum has 3 parts:


Which aims at teaching you the essentials of finance and excel. Irrespective of whether you are coming from a Science, Arts or Commerce background, the program learning is tuned to meet your learning curve.


After your foundation is done, now you are ready for the deeper learning into risk management and insurance planning. There are 4 Core subjects which again begin with very basics and end up giving you expert insights of the whole Investments management.


This is to give you real-world practical exposure. You are taught the essential professional skills and at the same time you get on-the-job training working under the mentorship of an experienced insurance planning specialist at Bajaj Capital. You learn the practical implementation of all what you have been taught during the program.


Course Duration

The duration of the course is 3 months only (1 months of study + 2 months of paid internship). Final placement after 3rd month only. Since the course offers a Job Guarantee on day 1 of the program, hence admission to the course is very selective.

Eligibility & Admission Process

Admission Procedure:  Our programs are targeted towards making graduates and postgraduates into professionals with high potential for success in the financial services sector. 

1. Application:  ICOFP Prospectus and Application Form and can be acquired by one-time payment of Rs. 500/- as registration fee.

Apply Online application through click here.


2. Admission Process:  Candidates are required to appear for an Online Test. The Selection test is a 2 hour 75 Questions (all MCQs) online exam that you have to qualify. After qualifying the test, you get an online counselling session with Program Manager which is primarily to guide you for Personal Interview.

You appear at an Online Interview at Zoom. The interview is conducted by a Panel of faculty members and Bajaj Capital HR team. The goal of the interview is primarily to measure communication skills, confidence level and maturity thus helping us to identify the suitability of a candidate.

RMIP being an Online Format program with placements across India, young graduates, undergraduates, and postgraduates are encouraged to apply. Students across any stream – Science, Humanities or Commerce can apply because the program is structured in such a way that no prior knowledge is needed to become a informed insurance specialist.

3. Admission Offer: Offer of Admission & Pre-placement Job Offer is granted to student by Program Manager only after qualifying the Online Test and Personal Interview Round. Successful candidates are informed of their final selection by e-mail / phone call. There are Student Loan Options available and Students may ask the program manager to get the documentation and other process for the loan.

4. Program Fee:  Course Fee Rs 30,000/- to be paid to International College of Financial Planning. The fees can be paid in lumpsum or EMIs as per a Student Loan Arrangement that ICOFP has with NBFCs. Student can enrol by paying Rs. 10,000/- at the time of admission. The remaining fee needs to be paid before your classes begin.

Want more information on the program or admission process?

Call us at (+91) 9711450520.

Disclaimer: Final placement will be subject to your performance/ discipline/ commitment during the internship.

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