Placement Policies

  • Placement-policesThe Objective of the placement cell is to provide one job for each eligible student and to place the right people in the right profiles.
  • Eligible student is the one:

A.  who has cleared all his fee dues

B.  who does not have any ER in any exam

C.  who has scored minimum 0f 50% in the semester exams

D.  who has fulfilled the criteria of 80% attendance

E.  who has attended all the placement sessions like grooming, mock interviews, resume building, guest lectures etc.

F.  who has cleared atleast CFA level 1 (valid only for students of MBA in FA who has less than 50% in graduation)

  • The Placement’s Interview Process would commence from the month of December 2011
  • The List of companies coming for interviews will be communicated to the students one day in advance
  • Students can opt for a maximum of 5 interviews for Final Placements and 4 in case of internships post which they have to accept the opportunity provided by the college.
  • The Student will be allowed to select his/her non-participation to maximum 5 companies, for any reason related to job profile, package offered etc.
  • In case a candidate denies participating in the campus drive even after availing the 5 chances, following points will be applicable:

A. Candidate needs to submit an undertaking stating that he is not interested in placements offered by the campus.
B. Institute will not responsible for getting him placed.
C. After submitting the undertaking in case the candidate wants to participate in some companies of his choice he will be allowed to do that

  • If a student fails to attend/appear for a scheduled interview, then it would be deducted from his entitlement of interview opportunities
  • Only those students who have attended the Pre placement Talks for the particular companies will be allowed to sit for the Interviews for those companies. Exceptions will only be dealt on case by case basis.
  • For every campus activity an email will be send to the students to update them with the opening. All the interested candidates will be required to send a confirmation via email. Only confirmed candidates will be allowed to participate in the process.
  • Students will only be allowed to sit for interviews if they are in proper attire. It is mandatory for students to follow the following points in order to be eligible to sit for the pre-placement talks and interviews: Dress Code:

A.  For Guys
1.  Only Clean White Shirt
2.  College suit and tie (mandatory)
3.  Neatly polished black shoes

B.  For Girls
1. Only Clean White/Light Shirt
2. College suit and scarf (mandatory)
3. Formal Shoes

  • Companies confirming for recruitment at the campus will be categorized into Category A, Category B and Category C. This categorization and the slot assignment for recruitment is done by the Career Guidance and Placement Team on the basis of various details provided by the company known as the 4 Ps of placements:

A. Profile of the candidate
B. Position at which the candidates will be hired
C. Path of growth in the organization
D. Package details

In addition to the above the following points will also be considered

1. Past association with the institute
2. Number of headcount required by the company
3.Number of branches at which the candidates will be hired for

  • The screening process may include:

A. Aptitude Test and/or
B. Group Discussion and/or
C. Interview/s

  • A Student can sit for interviews only to a point of acquiring a job offer and is barred to apply further through campus placements
  • Package offered depends upon the capabilities of the student and as per the norms by the company.
  • A student procuring job offer has to honor the offer and join the company.
  • After getting placed with a company or after the joining, in case a candidate refuses to continue with the job, the management can take the following action against the candidate:

A. Candidate will be debarred from the final exams.
B. Management will hold the result declaration.
C. NOC will not be issued to the candidate.

  • Candidates who do not wish to appear for the campus drive are supposed to give an undertaking (Self-Placed Undertaking) to the placement department.
  • The policy is subject to change at a later stage at the discretion of the Placement Cell. The changes made, if any, at a later stage will be notified to all concerned.