Everything has it’s backbone! It’s the soul that we’re talking about, and it could be inspired with a thought, an idea or a phrase but a reason for sure. Similar is the case with this outfit ‘the AK OK everything’ designed by Anamika Khanna, a well known designer who got inspired from her hard times when she acted like a lioness.



We ladies can never get tired of shopping! It’s so ironical that one moment we think about not spending a penny and very next moment we realize that we do not have money even for a cab. We face such stories in our lives everyday which is hilariously ironical in it’s own.



People belonging to ‘art world’ like doodlers, designers, artists, etc. have their own dimensions yet have so many similarities. These people have the abilities to mold themselves in any situation and they can express it in a tangible form. Creating a journal for everything makes them a ‘tourist’ as they create reminiscences and then note them as memories.


2019 General Elections & its
Impact on Indian Sock Market

General Election 2019 is the thing now every investor is waiting for. But why the elections are considered to be much more important for stock markets. Why every tom, dick and harry associated with the stock market is saying 2019 elections as a key trigger for the markets?


Startups that made
the most buzz this year

India is one of the best countries to start an idea. With the surplus advantage of a huge target market, so many needs and a technological strong growing economy, India is stepping towards becoming one of the world's strongest tech markets with the best startups in India.


2019 Market Outlook

Global Economy
In 2019, the dominant global theme will be quantitative tightening, with major central banks draining systemic liquidity after a decade. This comes at a time when global growth is sluggish and interest rates are rising. Consequently, we expect a shift to relatively dovish stance.



Entry to MTV Pantaloons Style Superstars

International College of Fashion is proud to announce that, Aryan Gupta, its current fashion student from BBA(2016-19),has made his way among the finalists of the upcoming style reality show “MTV Pantaloons Style Superstars” Aryan has been into styling ever since his teenage, which made him join ICF. He has always shown great enthusiasm towards studying at our college. Apart from doing timely submission of his designs, assignments, projects, etc; he has been inquisitive about co-curricular. He learned about the upcoming reality show and grabbed the chance to showcase his talent over there. MTV Pantaloons Style Superstars provides a platform for fashionistas to showcase their talent, flair for fashion and individual style quotient. Over 5000 contestants between the age group of 18-26 years participated in the auditions held in various cities across the country. Nishtha Pathak and Aryan Gupta from Delhi, Rahul Hazari from Pune, Sneha Ramdev from Ahmedabad, Anusha Arora from Indore, Amar Ojha from Goa and Sharmishtha Chatterjee from Dehradun have been shortlisted amongst those 5000 contestants who participated in the fashion contest. The winner will feature in the webisodes telecast by MTV and rub shoulders with the who’s who of music and fashion fraternity. Navhind times has also highlighted the news in their newspaper this month. Follow the link to read more


Careers in Finance:Initiavtive to Impart Knowledge

Times are changing and so are learning requirements. Learners today look for industry relevant programs that are practical and more hands on. The changing trend aligns far better with the real world requirements where employers today prefer individuals with super-specialized skills over mere qualifications. Hence the need for short term professional certifications is more pronounced than ever before. Over the past few years, ICoFP under the guidance of its alma mater Bajaj Capital has been actively spreading the awareness of financial education in the country. Our part time programs focus specifically on imparting knowledge and skills that are super specialized as well as highly relevant to the finance industry. As a part of our initiatives, we have been conducting free workshops and seminars across various colleges and institutions to educate students about the evolving industry requirements specifically in the field of finance. Our short term professional programs can be pursued along-with graduation/post-graduation and have received encouraging response from students across colleges. We recently conducted seminars in Delhi University colleges including PGDAV and Ramanujan where we are now exploring to launch jointly certified short term programs within the respective college premises.


Alum Success Story

Atin Khanna
ICoFP Alum (2016-17)

It takes huge effort to organize educational programmes like CFP for working professional like us. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the International College of Financial Planning ICOFP, New Delhi for introducing CFP certification program.
This course has certainly helped me improve the quality of financial advice and has helped me provide additional value to the clients. It aids in the holistic understanding of client financial requirement and assisting them in their journey of being financially independent.


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