Atin Khanna ICoFP Alum (2016-17)

It takes huge effort to organize educational programmes like CFP for working professional like us.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the International College of Financial Planning ICOFP, New Delhi for introducing CFP certification program.

This course has certainly helped me improve the quality of financial advice and has helped me provide additional value to the clients. It aids in the holistic understanding of client financial requirement and assisting them in their journey of being financially independent.

According to me, the most critical part in a client financial management firstly is understanding the client Requirement, Risk, & his Goals and then giving unbiased advice for best results.

Numerous Products are available in the market but what product at what time would be suitable is what this curriculum helps in. Thereby gaining client confidence and helping them take right decisions.

As per Bhagwat Gita “One should seek to understand first than to be understood.”

As a finance professional, my goal is to build life-long relationships with clients based on TRUST & VALUE. A thorough study of this curriculum has instilled a lot of confidence in me which shows while I present my advice/ suggestions to the clients. Eventually this well thought advice has helped me gain confidence and earn trust of my customers in the long run.

Practicing the Code of Ethics on a regular basis plays a pivotal role in providing meaningful and correct information to the clients.

In a nutshell, I can say one must utilize the CFP curriculum content to the best possible manner. This would surely give you an edge over others, being more productive and create a positive impact on the clients.

alum graph - Atin Khanna  ICoFP Alum (2016-17)


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