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Portfolio Management

What Is Portfolio Management? There is an aspiration common to all investors – you want to grow your wealth exponentially. But the returns you see depend on several factors such as the assets you choose to invest in, the overall market sentiments and most...

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It’s high time that the global economy addresses the Minotaur in the room, the world’s de facto economic capital, USA. During his electoral campaigning, self reliance was a primary target that Donald Trump focused on and believed in. MAGA was a vote magnet...

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One of the most sought after women’s college under Delhi university, Maitreyi College, invited International College of Financial Planning on 1st of April to conduct a session on the topic “Financial Planning- A Lucrative Career” in their college...

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Importance of Financial Planning:

Recently, one of my friends forwarded me a story titled “Can you sleep when the wind blows”. It’s a nice story which partly answers the above questions. The story goes like this – Years ago a farmer owned land along the Atlantic seacoast. He...

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Market Risk Profile of HSBC Holdings Plc

Value at risk (‘VaR’) It is a technique for estimating potential losses on risk positions as a result of movements in market rates and prices over a specified time horizon and to a given level of confidence. The use of VaR is integrated into market risk...

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Inverted Yield Curve

Overview: In good economic times, yields on government bonds tend to track an upward curve, since longer term bonds carry a higher risk of inflation. The curve inverts when shorter-term debt—like 3-month Treasury notes—offer a higher interest rate than a...

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Workshops by our College

Last month, International College of Financial Planning and International College of Fashion were invited to various colleges in Delhi & NCR; we were pleased to give a talk to help the youth choose their career wisely. While International College of Financial...

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Behavioural Finance

Cognitive Biases: Conservatism Bias Conservatism bias is a belief perseverance bias in which peoplemaintain their prior views or forecasts by inadequately incorporating new information. This bias has aspects of both statistical and information-processing errors....

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Mutual Fund – How To Invest In Mutual Funds In India

What does a mutual fund actually do? A mutual fund gathers money from investors and parks this money into investments that an investor wants. The main objective of Mutual Fund Company is investment of investor’s money. Open-ended funds: These funds buy and sell...

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Corporate Governance

Corporate governance can be defined as the system of internal controls and procedures by which individual companies are managed. It basically provides a framework for any company for dos and don’ts. It defines rights, roles and responsibilities of every...

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