Reverse Mortgage

The loan that pays you “The tool of reverse mortgage is a tailored product to monetise the locked up ‘equity’ in the asset and lends support to the liquidity starved home owners.” To make things simple the lender makes monthly payment to the borrower instead of as with a traditional mortgage where the borrower makes […]

Equity Valuation: The Perspective

While other modules of the CFA curriculum enables a professional with various tools and ways to reach a conclusion, Equity valuation part of the course helps them develop a perspective as an Analyst. As subjective and as differentiated we are as humans, so are our expectations, this module assists us in analyzing different expectations on […]

Can 5% GST on Gold be a U Turn/ Reverse Gear ?

When any reform affects our safe heaven- ‘GOLD’ there is an undoubted prediction for the economy. Indians are thought to, or so actually have more gold than combined reserves of continents. Not only our mothers love it but our fathers still keep gold biscuits treasured in their lockers for our weddings. Past year saw many […]

Life Insurance: Risk Coverage or Investment Gains

Insurance as a word is not unheard, even in the hinterlands of the country. As a concept whether people understand its meaning is a debate which needs a lot of deliberation. Let us focus our discussion on Life Insurance to start with. Most of the people purchase life insurance products for Tax saving and few […]

What skills are companies looking for while hiring MBA graduates?

The GMAC Recruiters’ Survey list names the skills/traits that employers look for in MBA candidates. Survey respondents were asked to rank the most important from among 12 traits. A candidate’s ability to fit within an organizational culture is now ranked the most desirable trait. The second most-important trait valued across industrial and regional categories is […]

Health Insurance – Types of Health Insurance Plans & which ones are apt for you?

In the first article on Health Insurance, we discussed the rationale for buying insurance. Now let us understand the types of Health Insurance / Medical Insurance policies offered in India and how to choose what’s best for you? Types of Health Insurance Plans Hospitalization Plans / Indemnity Plans: These plans reimburse the insured or pay […]