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Investment in Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposit, a term which our seniors have tried their hardest to acquaint you with! But in the era of supercomputing and complicated financial instruments, which make it seem like fantastic riches are almost within grasp, and there is no actual way to lose money,...

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Turkey Crisis

Turkey’s currency Lira has fallen by over 70 percent against the US dollar in the year 2018 and is now at its all-time low. The global markets, especially Europe, are looking closely at Turkey as it stands on the edge...

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Trade War and its Impact on Indian Economy

China and the US have embarked upon a full-scale trade war as both sides lob threats of new trade tariffs. Both the countries have already imposed 25 % tariff on $34bn worth of goods and are ready with a list of proposed tariffs on $200bn...

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Execution in Banking and Financial services Introduction: Smart Contract is a software developed to execute commercial transactions and enforces legal agreements which can eliminate the need for intermediaries and...

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Income Tax Saving For the Salaried

Remember the feeling you have when you receive your salary and then you realize a chunk of it has been cut as tax and then you proceed to create other sources of income which at the end of the year you are rudely informed will be taxed too. We all know that our taxes...

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Top Short Term Finance Courses in India

The world is getting tougher, and the competition is getting fierce. A mere graduation or a post-graduation degree in your arsenal would not help you stand out and secure the job of your dreams. And this is no less than the truth in the world of finance as well. While...

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There are no shortcuts to true excellence. So in order to secure the Gold Standard certification in the field of finance, you have to be extremely dedicated towards the same. By just following the mantra below, you can clear your CFP exams in one shot – Rigorous...

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MBA Finance vs MBA Financial Planning

“If you want to thrive in today’s economy, you must challenge the status quo and get the financial education necessary to succeed.” – Robert Kiyosaki. The banking, financial services and insurance sectors have picked up in a big way over the...

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ICoFP – Atrusted education brand in financial world

“Quality education should be prioritised along with literacy campaigns. We have been focusing on the outlay, now it is time for us to concentrate on the outcome of our education systems” Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. With over 53 years of...

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ICoFP – A Trusted Education Brand In Financial World

India will be the world’s youngest country by the year 2020 (NDTV 2017) and, also the third largest country with maximum enrolments in higher education. Despite such a remarkable trend, the employability prospects in our country are very upsetting. With 15...

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CFA meets MBA: The Amalgam

Well I am a CFA level III Candidate and quite naturally so I chose to write about my current subject of interest, CFA. Kids these days have to do so much to increase their employability and be abreast with the current industry standards and requirements. If I talk...

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Reverse Mortgage – The loan that pays you

“The tool of reverse mortgage is a tailored product to monetise the locked up ‘equity’ in the asset and lends support to the liquidity starved home owners.” To make things simple the lender makes monthly payment to the borrower instead of as...

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