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Stock market is a unique place. It has a huge potential for long term wealth creation, if the investor focuses on just a few but correct investment opportunities. And if they can manage to make investments in even a few multibagger ideas, they will be on their way to...

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Mr. Sudindra V R is a commerce graduate with degree in B.Com and Master of Business Administration in the year 2005 with Finance and Marketing specialization. He also obtained Certification in CFP-Certified Financial Planner in the year 2009 from International College...

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Steel Industry Analysis: Opportunities and Challenges

I. INTRODUCTION Steel being a key input to the country’s infrastructure sector, plays a major role in the growth of a developing economy. The sector contributes nearly 2 per cent to India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). India became the third largest...

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Indian Economy- Current Status

With a 6th largest economy in the world by nominal GDP, India has faced slowdown in past 2 years because of many International and national factors. Some of which are Trade war between USA and China, slowdown of global economy growth due to...

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Communication is a very important aspect of our lives and is a part of our basic functionality. Communication can be very easily understood as the Basic Exchange of Information. It is nearly impossible to go through a day without the use of Communication....

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Abhay Mehrotra

I joined International College of Financial Planning in 2005 and if I remember correctly, mine was the second batch. I wanted to do something different from normal financial Post Graduation programs and PGDFP from ICoFP was the perfect fit for...

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Why Equity Research is Important?

Global equity markets have been on roller coaster ride since beginning of 2018. India being no exception! Starting off on high note, NIFTY crossed the magic number of 11,000 in  the month of Jan, tanked below 10,000 in the month of Mar and now back-up and ready...

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The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham: A Synopsis

The father of value investing, Benjamin Graham authored the book The Intelligent Investor which was first published in the year 1939. The book eventually gained fame as the bible of the stock market. Graham’s disciple Warren Buffett has been quoted, “I...

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A Random Walk Down Wall Street

What is a Random Walk? A random walk is one in which future steps or directions cannot be predicted on the basis of past history. Academics parry these tactics by obfuscating the random-walk theory with three versions (the “weak,”the...

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How secure is your future?

Invest and save when you start working to achieve all the goals of your life and to move comfortably into a retired life, pursuing interests you never had the time for Retirement can be a time for travel, golf, spending time with grandchildren or pursuing a hobby. It...

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The Little Book That Beats The Market

Abstract:  In this book, the author wants to teach us how to pick our assets or securities for investment in the long term. This book mainly described Magic formula which gives Benjamin Graham’s idea of picking stocks at cheap rate with a margin of safety....

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