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Is the new Healthy food really ‘Healthy’?

The food industry, in today’s era, is moving towards exploring a variety of food options that its customers would like.[....]

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One of the most sought after women's college under Delhi university, Maitreyi College, invited International College of Financial Planning on[....]

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Atin Khanna ICoFP Alum (2016-17)

It takes huge effort to organize educational programmes like CFP for working professional like us. I would like to express[....]

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The Objectives and Importance of Financial Planning

Financial Planning is one of the most important exercises that businesses have to undertake to make good decisions and also[....]

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Communication is a very important aspect of our lives and is a part of our basic functionality. Communication can be[....]

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Why Equity Research is Important?

Global equity markets have been on roller coaster ride since beginning of 2018. India being no exception! Starting off on[....]

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Book Review on “The Warren Buffett Way” Author Robert G. Hagstrom

In 1956, Buffett started his investment partnership with $100; after thirteen years, he cashed out with $25 million. In mid-2004[....]

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The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham: A Synopsis

The father of value investing, Benjamin Graham authored the book The Intelligent Investor which was first published in the year[....]

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A Random Walk Down Wall Street

What is a Random Walk? A random walk is one in which future steps or directions cannot be predicted on[....]

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How secure is your future?

Invest and save when you start working to achieve all the goals of your life and to move comfortably into[....]

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