Message From Dean

As dean and director of International College of Financial Planning, I must admit that we are a dedicated team of finance professionals striving hard for the enhancement of horizon of the knowledge base of our students. We firmly believe that knowledge is power. Empowering the students to be work managers right from day one of their admission in the college is the sole purpose of our academic team which ultimately results in the fine performances of professional excellence of our students.

The learning environment here at ICoFP promotes faculty-student learning, industry-student learning & student-student learning. The understanding of concepts is through the application of teaching to real-time situations and sharing of real-time life experiences by both the industrial and academic faculty members. The faculty at the college comprises of experienced academicians as well as practicing managers exposed to the latest on the business front. The classroom sessions, by design, are highly interactive. The presentations, case studies and quizzes I believe, bring about both intellectual maturity and mental alacrity amongst our students.

The students at ICoFP remain alert for the daily working of the real financial markets as they are exposed to the daily market watch .The presentation contests organized amongst different batches embolden their confidence level and keep them abreast with the latest developments in the financial markets . Students are exposed to the real time stock market workstation workings as well as commodity and forex markets operations.

Subjects like fundamental analysis, technical analysis and financial statement analysis gives our students a sustainable edge over other students. The students of MBA FA are also exposed to arbitrage trading along with derivative trading coupled with the forex trading which enable them to take up jobs in these areas instantly. ICoFP has been innovative in its academic practices and quality control. The class delivery by faculty is reviewed through student feedback forms.

The Internet is used as a good learning resource by the students. The lectures by the faculty in the form of power point presentations are e mailed to students as a good reference source. The ICoFP students have a lot of industry interaction during the course of their study. The students, in the final year of PGDSATTM are required to prepare a dissertation on industry related topics, which is examined by a panel of experts from the industry. The summer internships & the Final placements prove the point.