Student Facilities


The college has an extensive collection of relevant books covering each and every topic relating to the programs offered by the college. The regular classroom-coaching students are provided with two library tickets each to get the books issued for references. The students are required to adhere to the Library policies of the college. However, the students are encouraged to refer to the books in the college itself so that maximum number of students canavail of the benefits of the Library books.


The students will have to deposit a refundable security deposit of Rs.3000.00 for the use of the library facility. The students joining part time can also avail of the library facility on the same terms

Interactive Web Site

The website of the college has many useful features such as:
•Discussion Forum wherein the students can initiate and/or participate in a discussion on the topic of their interest in the field of Financial Planning or other finance related subjects;
•Online Course Content which enables students to download the entire courseware from Internet in the comfort of their home or office or at a nearby Internet Browsing Center.

Identity Cards

Upon enrollment, the students will be issued identity cards. The students are required to carry the identity cards always as without the I-Cards the student may not be allowed to attend the class.


Online Faculty

The college provides its students with the facility of online faculty so that the students can clarify his/her doubts without any delay and without coming to the college all the way.


The campus offers excellent catering facilities for breakfast & lunch. A substantial range of snacks and confectionery are also available throughout the day. The coffee shop offers a chance to quickly grab a coffee between classes.



We understand how important good accommodation is, so we give you all the information and advice you need to find the right place to live in. We have tie up with many hostels & PGs.

The accommodation office will be happy to assist you in finding a convenient and affordable place to stay during your studies here.


Industry Interaction

The Industry Interaction at the International College of Financial Planning entails everything that goes into turning the students that walk into our doors on their first day at the college into thorough professionals with a greater skill set than the industry standards the day they step out. This includes corporate grooming, entrepreneurial workshops, trainings, projects and more.In the last year we have invited several renowned achievers in the financial and economic world to impart a piece of their vast knowledge to our students.