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BBA (Hons.) with specialization in Entrepreneurship

An intensive 3 years program with specialization in Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship - BBA (Hons.) with specialization in Entrepreneurship

Duration: 3 Years

The BBA (Hons.) with specialization in Entrepreneurship is designed to prepare young budding future entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge to start their own businesses. The program focuses on identifying, analyzing and evaluating global and local business opportunities; creating new independent business ventures or new ventures within existing firms; developing creativity and understanding innovation; ethical and social responsibilities for entrepreneurs; and opportunities for women and minority entrepreneurs etc.

Program Objective

  • Initiate new ventures or grow existing firms significantly through innovation and change.
  • Encourage students to think like an entrepreneur and be innovative & creative in their thoughts and action.
  • Students are trained to carry detailed analysis of disciplinary and interdisciplinary topics, and allow them to get practical experience in the industry.
  • Provide guidance and knowledge that helps students to face the greatest challenges presented by the initial stages of a new project.

Learning outcome

Students who graduate in entrepreneurship will be able to:

  • Be critical thinkers who are able to identify business opportunities using state-of-the-art analytical tools and problem-solving skills to start new businesses and implement successful business processes.
  • Communicate, develop and evaluate business plans and funding proposals clearly and effectively, and start a successful business.
  • Apply relevant financial guidelines to assess the capital needs of startups, the cash flow required for growth, break-even analysis and pre-and post-funding valuation.
  • Understand ethical issues of ownership and accountability to both investors and employees.
  • Develop skills required to effectively lead an organization and apply interpersonal skills to effectively market a product or services.

Course Details

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