Scopes of MBA Financial Planning

Masters of Business Administration in financial planning is one of the most preferred courses these days for those students who want to carve a niche in the field of wealth and asset management. For those students who are looking for a broad course that can provide them the adequate information in a comprehensive way this could be their destination. With this article we are going to emphasize what are the nitty-gritty of the course and how students should go about it, so here goes the rest…!

What is Master of Business Administration in Financial Planning Program?

Master of business administration in financial planning is a degree program that nurture, nourish and create a breed of professionals that are equipped with asset and wealth management skills. This is the course where students learn to communicate like financial planners and address client’s wealth management related issues. These are the professionals who at the end of the course will be able to gather related to financial ethics, financial analysis and financial research. Once they are in their final stage of course they can specialize themselves in Financial Planning which is incorporated in the course.

Subjects and Modules Taught in this Course are: This is a course that is broad and comprehensive however it doesn’t mean that students will not be able to specialize themselves in fact after the completion of this course they can undertake Chartered in Financial planning as their special subject and thus can become a specialist in this field. Some of the subjects that are being taught in this course are:

  • Economics of management
  • Financial planning principles
  • Estate planning
  • Risk management
  • Laws and ethics of financial planning
  • Tax management
  • Management of personal portfolios and investments
  • International business concepts
  • Organizational behavior
  • Information technology management
  • Employment Outlook and Salary Info

Scopes and Opportunities: There is a huge demand of those professionals in the industry that are well-equipped with the technical know-how of managing a business house and corporate units such as banks, insurance companies, credit counseling organizations, accounting firms and credit unions. Not only the job opportunities are in plenty but they can also earn a package and perks that can be call handsome. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics these professionals can earn a salary anywhere between $89,410 and $90,820 in the USA however in India they can expect a salary package that is somewhere around 3-4Lakhs/annum

Continuing Education Information: Education is something that can’t be put under the barrier of age and sex. Learning is a continuous process and students need to upgrade and brush-up their existing knowledge for a better niche in this sector. After successful completion of this course graduates can also take the Chartered Financial Planning certification exam to specialize themselves in their niche. Similarly they can also go for further advanced degree after the successful completion of this course.