Some Important Facts about CFA Level 2 Exams

CFA Level 2 Exam is the second of three exams organized and conducted by CFA Institute India. It is important for an individual to pass this exam before being awarded with the prestigious degree of Chartered in Financial Analyst. The degree is recognized and accepted by the world no matter where the individual is based at. Unlike CFA level 1 where the emphasis is given on portfolio management and wealth planning, CFA Level 2 is focused mainly on Asset valuation where students are expected to use the tools and techniques that they have read during their initial phase.

Some of the important facts about CFA Level 2 Exams are:

Time limit for the exam: 6 Hours

Passing Score for the Exam: It varies with each year

Pre-requisite: Having passed the CFA level 1 exam

Official website for the exam:


What are the topics from where the maximum questions are asked?

Most of the questions are being asked from subjects and modules like Alternative Investments, Derivatives, Fixed Income and Equity Investment.