Full Time Programs

“ICoFP programs are adjudged amongst the Best Finance Colleges (The Week, May 2009).”

“ICoFP programs are rated amongst the top 3 Finance Courses in India (India Today Aspire, June 2007).”

ICoFP offers the following industry integrated and award winning full time programs:

Two Year Post Graduate Programs

  •  MBA–Financial Analysis + PGDFA (Incorporates CFA® curriculum)

MBA in Financial Analysis and Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Analysis (PGDFA) is an innovative program which incorporates curriculum of all three levels of Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®), USA.  The main objective of the program is to create a stream of trained professionals who will become the torchbearers of the revolution in the space of Investment Banking & Financial Research. – Read more

  • MBA–Financial Planning + PGDFP (Incorporates CFPCM curriculum)

MBA in Financial Planning is a dual degree program which offers a highly specialized form of Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning (PGDFPTM) and also prepares the students for internationally recognized Certified Financial PlannerCM (CFPCM) certification which is authorized by FPSB, India. – Read more

One Year Post Graduate Programs

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning (Incorporates CFPCM curriculum)

PGDFP is a highly specialized, job and skill oriented program designed by industry stalwarts which incorporates the curriculum of internationally recognized CFPCM certification. – Read more

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Analysis (Incorporates two levels of CFA® curriculum)

PGDFA is an innovative, case-study based program that provides the practical knowledge you need in today’s investment industry which incorporates the two levels of globally recognized qualification, CFA®. – Read more

Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. (FPSB Ltd.), the US-based organization owns the CFPCM, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and marks outside the United States, and permits qualified individuals to use these marks to indicate that such individuals have met FPSB Ltd.’s initial and ongoing certification requirements. Financial Planning Standards Board India (FPSB India) is the CFPCM Marks licensing authority through an agreement with FPSB Ltd.

“CFA® is a registered trademark of CFA Institute. This program is not affiliated with, sponsored or approved by CFA Institute”.

Note: MBA Degree is given by a duly notified state university.