Master Financial Planner Certification

Master Financial Planner (MFP) certification course offered by International College of Financial Planning is designed to equip participants with the financial, technical and inter personal skills required to make an important contribution to the growth of financial planning and wealth management function within an organization. Financial Planning is one of the fastest-growing professions across the world and with a huge demand-supply gap in India, youngsters and existing professionals planning a career in Financial Planning have a bright future and can take advantage of many opportunities coming across in the financial services sector.

Financial Planners and their Role  

Financial planners are the professionals who plan the funds or money of their clients which is not only a tricky business but also challenging and difficult task. Financial planners offer their advice to the persons on their investment and saving options to achieve their social, personal, professional goals and commitments arising in future. Most people need guidance on where to invest, how to save taxes, the best insurance scheme (life as well as medical), which avenue to invest in, which stock to hold and which to sell, how to plan future career of their college going children and their own retirement. The services provided by financial planners are not restricted to individuals but also the corporate and institutional clients such as mutual funds, merchant banks, retirement funds, insurance companies, portfolio management firms, stock investment companies, banks, financial institutions, tax consultancy and pension managers also require their services.

Who should acquire this MFP Certification?

This certification will be useful for Financial Advisors, Wealth Managers in Banks and wealth management companies, Retail Branch Managers, Employees of Insurance Companies, Brokerage Firms and Asset Management Companies, Investment Advisors and Financial Planners, Portfolio and Asset Managers and other Financial Marketing Professionals

Topics to be covered

In this certification, participants will learn about Financial Markets, Process of Financial Planning, Risk Profiling, Asset allocation, Portfolio Construction and Rebalancing strategies, Behaviour Finance. It is very important to understand the psychology of investors. Financial Mathematics with the help of Excel sheet will be very important area of this certification. Concepts of Insurance, Need for insurance, need based insurance policies, Retirement planning, funding based on type of investor and time horizon, Tax planning strategies and Estate Planning will also be covered. Various case studies will be discussed which will enable participants to understand the complete process of Financial Plan construction.