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Masters In Financial Analysis

An intensive 2 year industry-integrated Masters program in Financial Analysis

Should Students do CFA, Masters or Both..?

Corporate, business houses and financial institutes need to do effective and comprehensive financial planning and financial analysis before launching a venture. It helps them taste the water before investing their money and resources in the market and hence it is important for them to hire professionals who can formulate and make a financial planning that is broad, comprehensive and profitable. When it come attaining finance related knowledge and technicalities there are many options however two of the most important are Certification in financial analysis and Masters in Financial analysis. Both of them have their own merits and shortcomings and students need to understand them totally while choosing one of the courses.

Utilizing Knowledge in other Industries: 
Masters financial analysis is a broad course that covers not only the finance and portfolio management but also the marketing and management part of a business while certification in financial planning is totally specialized course that will not impart much knowledge about marketing and management. So, as a whole we can say that if you do Masters in financial planning you can utilize your broad knowledge in other industries as well like marketing and management. While with Masters financial planning you become a generalized one with certification in financial analysis you become a specialist in investment analysis, portfolio strategy and asset allocation. All we can say that Masters program is a mile wide and a foot deep, while the CFA program is a foot wide and a mile deep. Now it depends on the student to choose the one that suits their taste and nature.

Time: When we talk about completion time Masters in financial analysis is the one that takes a longer period compared to Certification in Financial analysis. Since, the courses and modules covered in the Masters financial planning are more it takes a longer period of time compared to the latter one. Should time is a crucial factor you need to think both aspects of the coin.

Money: Money invested as a fee is one of the most important things that students consider while taking-up a course and same goes here also. Since, Masters in Finance planning is a broad course that requires an investment of money that is more compared to fees for other shorter courses available.

Taking both courses simultaneously: 
What if you can get a course that can help you do both the courses simultaneously? There are many institutes that offer courses that are built and developed in a manner that can help students gain knowledge in a balanced manner.

All we can say that there are many courses that are available these days that could help them gain knowledge in this field provided they do a research prior to taking admission in any such course. They need to assess their qualities and shortcomings and take a decision accordingly.

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