MBA Financial Analysis + PGDFATM + (Preparation of CFA® exam)

MBA in Financial Analysis is a unique program which enables you to work as an educated and trained professional in this exciting world of capital markets with all the relevant theoretical and practical knowledge. This program incorporates the curriculum of all the three levels of CFA program offered by the CFA Institute (USA).

MBA in Financial Analysis is a unique combination of conceptual knowledge, practical training, skills development and simulations on softwares. Apart from classroom teaching, more emphasis will be on assignments, case studies, situation analysis, mock trading sessions, research projects and testing of the models using state of the art software’s. The main aim of the program is to create a stream of trained professionals who will become the torchbearers of the revolution in the space of Corporate Banking & Research.

Unique aspects of the Program

  1. A UGC recognized unique industry-integrated program.
  2. Rich content based the Harvard systems, developed in accordance to industry requirements.
  3. Incorporates all three levels of the international CFA Program.
  4. Detailed coverage of equity, debt, derivatives, commodities and Forex market.
  5. Hands-on experience of state of the art capital market software.
  6. 22 papers including business communication and personality development.
  7. Three extensive research projects and six months of real industry exposure.
  8. Live market visits.

The economic liberalization has brought drastic changes in the corporate environment. Specialization has become the need of the hour. Globalized world economy, integrated markets and continuous product innovation has created an absolute need for research professionals having insightful knowledge of financial concepts. Understanding the gap between burgeoning demand and supply of ‘adequately equipped’ professionals, we have designed our program targeting following key areas:

  • Depth of Knowledge is first pillar. Curriculum covers in great depth the specialized areas that analysts currently need to know about. The course will equip scholars with advanced knowledge of Equity Research and Debt Valuation, Derivative Strategies and Risk Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Alternate Investment Strategies and Corporate Finance.
  • Application of Concepts is second pillar. The teaching methodology used, targets converting the rigorous academic experience during the program into rich practical knowledge by the end of program. Using techniques such as case studies, live projects, assignments, workshops, expert mentoring in specific career segment are employed.
  • Global Recognition is third pillar. To gain the ‘Global’ acceptability for scholars of MBA (Financial Analysis) program we have benchmarked the course structure with CFA® Program offered by CFA Institute, Virginia, USA. Influence of CFA program on the course makes the academic curriculum dynamic and in line with global standards so that students may separately pursue CFA® Exam (USA) as well

The rich MBA in finance curriculum based on the international standards, following the renowned Harvard systems will aim at effectively blending the talent of industry professionals with the academic excellence and focus on the real life applications of theoretical concepts.

Note: MBA degree is awarded by the University of Mysore which is recognized by UGC.