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Masters In Financial Planning

An intensive 2 year dual degree program in Financial Planning

Career Opportunities

1. Financial Planning, Wealth Manager/ Relationship Manager, Sales and other Client Facing Jobs: It takes great amount of work and boldness to make a fortune but it takes 10 times those qualities to preserve it. — Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Wealth Managers/ Relationship Managers: Wealth Managers are often quoted as financial doctors. In certain respects, a wealth manager has even greater impact than a medical doctor. While health is limited to an individual’s life span, wealth management has major legacy effect: it shapes future generations too.
As the income level goes up, life expectancy increases, life style requirements increase and with tax rates changing, one needs to have a wealth manager to advice. Wealth managers have come to play a role in the life of people right from the day they begin their career upto the stage of planning for their retirement and writing wills.
A wealth manager’s job essentially entails understanding the client’s risk appetite and advising him accordingly on the various investment options available to increase wealth. The advice they offer is wide-ranging and varied. It can cover taxes to asset protection; investments to property advice. So the responsibility of making the client’s money make more money ultimately lies with the Wealth manager.
The candidates should have a high level of interpersonal skills and an understanding of the various investment options.
Wealth managers are hired by Banks, Wealth Management companies, Distribution Companies etc. These jobs carry targets and involve client acquisition, servicing and retention.

2. Own Ventures in financial planning and investment advisory: Financial advisory services are a big business. The course can imparts all the relevant knowledge & certifications required to successfully manage an Investment boutique, after requisite experience. The campus environment plays a substantial role in inculcating entrepreneurial skills and provide the relevant knowledge base amongst students.

3. Back Office and KPOs: The Back office or the operations division is at the core of processing every transaction in the bank/ Financial services firm. It links risk management and control processes to help protect the company’s assets and reputation. Operations staff work closely with the other divisions – trading, sales, technology, market risk, credit, compliance, tax and legal – as well as external clients, when required to help facilitate business and provide guidance and direction.
Students with sound knowledge of financial & technical concepts are the preferred choice for research based profile at Knowledge Process Outsourcing ( KPO) units. The task is to work on international assignments and research projects to analyze the future prospects of the business.
A number of KPOs have been set up by top international banks and wealth management organizations. These companies hire highly skilled and qualified personnel who can undertake research and report-writing assignments.

4. Industry (Finance Department, across sectors): Finance is the life blood of any business. Well managed finance department can contribute to the success of the business. There is much more to finance department than keeping accounts. Logical investment of profits and also resource raising are an integral part of any organizations finance departments. Sound knowledge of Financial Planning & Portfolio management concepts are a pre-requisite for this profile.

Others: Financial Planning professionals have a great scope in the industry. Apart from the above mentioned profiles, there exist a lot of options in the industry such as Stock broking and Commodities markets, Currency Markets, Insurance and Mutual Funds.

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