Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Analysis

In the financial services industry, one of the most coveted careers is that of a financial analyst. Across the globe, financial analysts are one of the high paid professionals.

Financial Analysts monitor and interpret available data such as industry and economic trends, forecast the current trends and then determine a fair market value of an asset of a company. They make recommendations based on this analysis. They also manage portfolio worth millions of dollars. Mostly, Financial Analyst occupy senior positions in investment management companies, private equity, hedge funds etc. Financial analysts play a number of different roles like Equity analyst, Credit Analyst, Portfolio Managers, Investment Advisors, Investment bankers etc.

To get into such coveted roles, require advance knowledge of finance and investment management, sharpening of analytical skills and learning essential tools and techniques to dig deeper into the numbers.

Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Analysis course provided by International College of Financial Planning is a culmination of industry experts in the field of investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, portfolio managers and seasoned academicians who are well aware of the prerequisites to give a jumpstart to your career in financial analysis.

The PGDFA course combines unique blend of course delivery by faculties and working on financial projects like financial models, M&A models which prepare students well in advance for all the future challenges.

Unique aspects of the Post graduate diploma in finance Analysis:

  • This Financial Analyst Course content similar to CFA L1 and L2 curriculum.
  • Hands-on experience on working on live projects.
  • Supported case-studies to enhance learning.
  • Assisted job placements.


  • MBA in Financial Planning is awarded by the University of Mysore which is recognized by UGC.