[toggle title=”1.What is the difference between general MBA vs PGDFA? “]

Ans: It is all a matter of Specialisation. While a general MBA will give you knowledge about different facets of management, PGDFA will provide you with specialised knowledge about FINANCIAL ANALYSIS.
[toggle title=”2. What portion of the CFA curriculum is covered in the PGDFA?“]

Ans: PGDFA covers 100% of the course curriculum of level 1 and Level 2 of CFA® program by CFA Institute. [/toggle]
[toggle title=”3.How is MBA FA different than PGDFA?“]

Ans: There are few differences:
1. MBA is a degree while PGDFA is a diploma
2. MBA covers Level 3 curriculum also
3.MBA includes employability enhancing modules like Strategy, Financial Modelling and technical analysis which are missing in PGDFA
4. There is no internship in PGDFA which is present in MBA for 2 months.
5. PGDFA is a one year program as against MBA FA which is of two years.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”4.What are the employment opportunities after PGDFA? “]

Refer career opportunity section. https://www.icofp.org/mba-in-financial-analysis/career-opportunities.php
[toggle title=”5.Financial Analysis is the most happening job for fresher. Is this true?“]

Ans: 20 years ago, India was a favorite destination for accounting related jobs. The number of jobs is still the same; the nature has changed in the last 5 years. There are many jobs but for data analyst. Financial Analyst is one of those and certainly one of the most happening for freshers.
[toggle title=”6. What are the chances of getting a job abroad after PGDFA?“]

Ans: PGDFA gives knowledge enough to clear first two levels for CFA®. Once CFA® is done, the international acceptability of the candidate increases manifold into global financial markets like New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”7.Will Financial Modelling be a part of the curriculum?“]
Ans: No. Financial Modelling is taught in detail in the 3rd Semester of MBA FA but not in PGDFA.
[toggle title=”8.Will a student get an placement opportunity from the placement cell of college?“]

Ans: Yes. ICOFP has a placement cell which provides assistance in final placements.
[toggle title=”9.Does a student get any exemption from CFA institute’s CFA exams because of its candidature in MBA (FA)?“]
Ans: PGDFA is affiliated to Mysore University capsulating the curriculum of CFA® Program USA. A student will have to clear CFA exams (all 3 levels) by registering oneself in the CFA® Program.[/toggle]