Recruitment Process

placements-processWe request you to complete and return the Corporate Requisite Form attached at the end of this brochure. We would require a small profile of your organization along with the 4 P’s of Placements. Once we receive this information we will schedule your visit for pre placement presentation and campus recruitment as per your convenience.

On Campus

You can choose your interview schedule i.e. Choice schedule or Invitational schedule. In choice schedule you can make an open offer to all the students for final placement interviews. In Invitational schedules you can pre-select the candidates whom you would like us to organize various corporate gatherings, thereby making students share the wisdom and enabling corporates to interact with them. You can host a company trek whereby you can invite students for an on-site visit of your esteemed organization.

Off Campus

The majority of employers choose to interview students in our private, oncampus interview rooms. In case if you decide to interview ICite at an offcampus location, please inform us accordingly, we will then schedule for their visit. We request you take into account the travel time required as students may have classes. Therefore, kindly accommodate the time slots in accordance with our schedules. Your input is critical to our success. At the conclusion of the interview day, the recruiters are requested to provide confidential feedback on our students.