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‘Jugaad’ is our most precious resource in India

The word ‘Jugaad’ originated in Punjab and is used for the locally made motor vehicles. These vehicles are like wooden[....]

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Trending 5 unusual Checks organization conduct for new recruits

Gone are the days when applicants were reviewed based only on their academic scores and professional work experiences. The organization[....]

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Are you a Boss or a Leader?

Through the struggling years of our work life, all of us want to become a boss, or should I say[....]

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Why to buy medical insurance or health insurance?

We often blurt out an old but a true adage, Health is Wealth as friendly advice. Without realising its importance[....]

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Be Financially Prudent

Science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Technology, Astronomy, etc. are quite complex and unless you have formal education in these[....]

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ALUM Sharon Walia (2008- 2010)

Looking back at the past 12 years, I have grown and learned so much. I never thought that I would[....]

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Work Life Balance – Illusion Or Reality

While most professionals are juggling between work and life, WORK-LIFE BALANCE has come to the verge of impossibility in life.[....]

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Is the new Healthy food really ‘Healthy’?

The food industry, in today’s era, is moving towards exploring a variety of food options that its customers would like.[....]

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Mitigate associated investment risks with the assistance of Mutual Funds

The recent SIP flow information from AMFI shows that the May 2019 SIP input was Rs.  8,183 crore, reduced than[....]

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Algorithmic Trading – The Financial super car of next generation

“Speed alone cannot be a mark of success unless backed by the character of good intentions” The imperative need for[....]

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