CFA And Possibilities To Possess Multiple Designations

Through CFA certification, one will find way to boost real world management skills and investment analysis. The CFA course covers industry practice including ethical and professional standards in addition to academic theory. These three levels should be cleared by student. Person who cleared three levels and have experience professionally can show their professional excellence well.

Concepts covered under CFA course are,

  • Ethical and professional standards
  • Quantitative methods
  • Economics
  • Financial analysis
  • Portfolio management
  • Equity
  • Fixed Income
  • Derivatives
  • Alternative investments

The CFA program totally includes three series. Students have to cross three series through three Exams like Level1, Level2 and Level3. These three levels require one to prepare for 6 months. The complexness may increase from level to level. Those who have successfully cleared these three levels are awarded by CFA designation.

Inclusion In Each Level:

At Level1, students will undergo Examination with few basic concepts covered including basic knowledge and comprehensive questions based on asset valuation. Few questions may also include analysis. At Level 2, deep views on asset, that is, in addition to analysis, application will also come under inclusion in Examination. At Level 3, the major focus is towards basic knowledge with evaluation tools and analytical methods for effective portfolio management.

Deep Views Of Three Levels:


  • Tools included in investment valuation and portfolio management
  • Fundamental concepts like asset classes, securities and markets
  • Code of ethics and standards

Asset Valuation:

  • Usage of tools and concepts covered under investment valuation
  • Industry and company analysis
  • Analysis of investment on vehicles and instruments

Portfolio Management:

  • Portfolio and institutional management
  • Asset class portfolio management
  • CFA institute code of ethics and standards

Possibilities For CFA Degree Holder:

The CFA degree holder may expect to show their progress through multiple stages like research analyst, accountant, corporate financial analyst, and consultant and relationship manager.

What Are The Benefits?

The CFA degree holder will have broad knowledge in investment skills and decision making in global financial industry. The CFA program is cost effective way to obtain skills in global investment profession. As CFA program completely based on finance, it helps one to shine well through investment profession. The CFA course will help one to make best decision in investment area. The CFA program CV is dependent on extensive global practice analysis process which depends on input, discussions, surveys and reviews from more active people and CFA charter holders. The CFA program is designed as a self study course and so it helps one to receive charter while working. During degree pursuing period, ICOFP will conduct educational and networking events around world. CFA Institute conducts research and provides webcasts on recent topics by academic experts around the world. The Chartered Financial Analyst program got global recognition for being as the best course to prove the quality in investment profession. The CFA designation is one of the most respected one. Earning CFA charter will boost up candidates with skills required for real world investment analysis. It especially focuses on investment knowledge.

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