Courses Offered by Top MBA Colleges in Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India and a dream destination for not only Indian but also foreign students for higher studies. There are several reputed IT, medical and business management colleges in the capital offering international exposure with their courses. If you have finalized to take admission to a top MBA college in Delhi, it is important to know about courses offered in business management. There are wide varieties of courses to choose from in MBA programs but some courses are standard, including accounting, marketing, finance, microeconomics, calculus etc… The course selection is based on your interest, scope and merit.

MBA Courses


It is one of the most sought after specializations in business management. Students with Bachelor of Commerce background like to apply to the course because they understand the subject matter of the program well. It includes study of taxes, budget, investment portfolios etc. The course prepares students for a bright career in any company because audit and accounting related work is done in almost every organization.

Marketing and Public Relations

A marketing and public relation executive is the backbone of a company. The goal of the executive is to search consumers and entice them into the company products or services. Therefore, they require special training. MBA in Marketing and Public Relations from a reputed business college in Delhi offers to pursue in-depth studies of marketing tricks. The course involves lots of presentations and tour to understand the market changing strategies. You will get the whole skills required to become a proficient marketing manager from the MBA program.

Human Resource

This is one of the most favourite courses of girls as it provides safe and sound working environment. In this course, students develop several types of strategies on a company’s relationship with its employees. The course prepares students for how to hire and fire, performance evaluations, preparation of salary and payroll. The MBA in Human Resource opens door of success as every company hires HR for recruitment and work environment management.


There are two different types of course of studies involve in MBA in Finance—corporate finance and international finance. The corporate finance teaches students about handling capital gain and loss of a company, planning to start a new venture and many challenging topics. In international finance, students learn about international trade, global marketing and influence on consumer services.

These are popular courses that you can pursue from any top MBA college in Delhi. MBA in Fashion designing, Health Care, Technology Management and several other innovative business management programs have also been offering by many top management institutes for several years. These courses are offered primarily for 2 years (full time), 3 years (part time) and distance. Both diploma and degree programs are offered. Youngsters get special counseling from MBA colleges in order to choose the right course. The selection medium is based on merit. GMAT, MAT and CAT are popular mediums to get admission to a top MBA college in Delhi and other states of India.

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