Failure Is The Stepping Stone For Success

The biggest fear in life is the fear of failure. It is the major reason why people don’t realize their full potential. Failure leaves us depressed and miserable. Success bring happiness and failure is not easily digestible but remember one thing failure is not end, its the beginning of new era of success because failure teaches us  where we went wrong and what we have to do right, to overcome our failure. It’s almost impossible to go through life without experiencing some kind of failure. Failure is a part of life and everyone has experienced it sometime or other.

Let me share with you some examples; these gentlemen were not different from us but they treated their failures differently:-

When famous inventor THOMAS EDISON failed 1000 times before inventing bulb, he told to the public I have not failed 1000 times I found 1000 ways which don’t work out.

Even founder of KFC COLONEL SANDERS got rejected 1009 times by restaurant owners when he went to show his recipe and rest is history

AMITABH BACHCHAN star of millennium after 17 consecutive flop pictures he decided to return back to his native place Allahabad but somehow manages to act in zanjeer and that gave a new dimension to his career.

MICHAEL JORDAN:-It may come as a shock, but the man who became the best basketball player didn’t make to his high school basketball team. On 26 occasions he was entrusted to take the winning shot and he missed. He failed over and over again to succeed in life.

BILL GATES: – Before launching Microsoft, Bill Gates was a Harvard University drop-out; he was a co-owner of business called traf-o-data. Through his passion for computer programming and perseverance he went on to build the world’s largest software company.

These are ordinary people who viewed failure as their speed breakers on the way to success and today they are successful because they have learnt from their failures and know what it takes to be a successful man.

At last I would conclude by saying, don’t let the fear of failure hold us back. The key to success is not to avoid doing things because of fear of failure but to use them to build yourself.

“Failure is delay not defeat”

“When we try; there is no guarantee that we will succeed, but if we don’t try then we are definitely going to fail”.

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