Financial Planning: Requirements and Scope


Everyone dreams to have a better future and excellent career growth. For fulfilling your needs you have to plan step by step process previously and execute them strictly. These dreams can be fulfilled by selecting right education option and going for an extra training and education. It is a better option to go with the MBA program as better career option after graduation. A survey from CNBC says that Finance is the hottest specialization in the MBA program and has demand all over the world. Financial planning courses are available as short term course with course duration at least 1 year. This course can be pursued by different modes of education such as distance learning, classroom program, online program etc. There is very high uncertainty in the global job market. People are changing their jobs very frequently and some people go for starting their own business but they all have requirement for a better and safer financial plan.

Works of a Financial Planner

There is no one who does not required financial planning because everyone have to manage their funds even the millionaires who have lots of money but they manage their funds by financial planning techniques. Financial planning is the field that uses complex problem solving and taking decision. Tasks of financial planner are not easy as it appears because of their specific responsibilities and duties. A financial planner must be able to deal with the business finance related tasks and cope up with the market to suggest best feasible solution for a specific problem. Some people hire financial planner for managing their savings from annual income for the retirement savings, savings for son’s/daughters’ college education etc. People manage these important functions by self but it is not wise decision because a financial planner helps a lot more in your savings and managing your money.

  • Financial planners are work as a money-spinning. They advise how to do investment and how to break the financial deals.
  • A financial planner is always ready to improve speculation plans and techniques of investment and disbursement control. They manage economic problems of their business firms.

Education and Certification

To become a financial planner it is necessary to go for a certified financial program which helps you to enhance your abilities as a financial planner. Financial planning is the most important process for an organisation that is why the demand of these professionals is incredible in market. Hence so many B-schools in India offers MBA in financial planning from where students can take required education and expertise to become a certified financial planner. There are some best MBA colleges in Delhi from hundreds of Management College across NCR. The financial planning program can be done by either undergraduate level or postgraduate level. Candidates who have completed graduation are eligible for the MBA program in finance. MBA in Financial Planning course is also available for those who are working in an organisation as a part time course in Financial Planning.

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