The past ten years has seen a sudden mushrooming of Private Universities and Institutes.

Private players are much needed in the Education Industry as there are lakhs of Indian youth coming out of Schools and colleges who do not get a chance to gain entry into Government-run Universities.

However the question arises that, are these much acclaimed private or Government faculties providing anything new to the students?

Are they giving the tools to the graduates to enter into the professional arena equipped to tackle the corporate world?

Is the knowledge gathered in those 2 – 3 years relevant to the Industry that they would have to get into?

The answers sadly remain in the negative.

It was with the vision of providing a solution to such pressing issues that ICFP was established in 2002.  With the strong backing of Bajaj Capital and expert subject knowledge in the field.ICFP has grown from strength to strength in these 13 years.

ICFP was the first player in getting the concept of professional education to India.  Looking at the mismatch between Educations provided in the Colleges and the Industry requirement, ICFP became the first Education provider of FPSB (India) to deliver the CFP certification which is highly relevant to the financial industry.

The concept behind providing Financial Planning knowledge to finance professionals was to enable them to effectively handle the investments of their clients in a systematic well planned and ethical manner while working for Banks, Broking firms, Financial Planning firms or as independent Entrepreneurs.  ICFP’s MBA in Financial Planning has become one of the most popular options for students looking at a career in Finance.

ICFP continued to create dynamic programs in the field of finance to give a more specialized knowledge in different aspects of finance.  While ICFP’s MBA in Financial Planning gave a specific knowledge on the planning personal finances of individuals.  ICFP developed an MBA in Financial Analysis to teach the aspects of corporate finance to candidates keen on analyzing Balance Sheets of companies, predicting the performances of the same, creating financial models etc.  This program incorporates the curriculum of the prestigious CFA certification.  Looking at the keen interest and dedication of the College to provide highly specialized, focused education, many Universities came forward to partner with ICFP.

In 2012, the Financial Planning and Financial Analysis programs of ICFP were recognized by the renowned Mysore University.

So, the autonomous Diploma Programs offered by ICFP became recognized MBA degree programs.

Another milestone in 2014 was the recognition of MBA in Financial Analysis by the CFA Institute (America).  ICFP’s MBA programs not only offer a UGC recognized degree but also global certifications recognized all over the world.

ICFP not only focuses on a hard core practical knowledge based Curriculum but also on the all-round development of its students through grooming sessions, English Communication classes and various hands-on activities that prepare them for real life situations.

At ICFP every student is given individual attention by the faculties and management so that they can be provided the best career opportunity suitable for them.

Our curriculum are updated every year to keep in touch with the latest policies and regulations of the financial section.

It is for their commitment towards maintaining quality and providing need based education that ICFP has become one of the first options for students looking for a career in finance.

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