Insight into Choosing the Best MBA Finance Colleges in India

Have you decided to pursue MBA in finance? It is one of the best specializations in management that would offer you great opportunities in the future. Finance as a specialization is widely sought after by recruiters as it directly effects their operations. But to make your career in this competitive yet rewarding stream you would need to choose among the best MBA finance colleges. It is easier said than done in a country like India where there are dozens of institutions that offer you these courses. Here in this brief write-up we take note of a few things that would allow you to zero in on the right college.

Choose Specialized College
There are MBA colleges that offer you all kinds of specializations from Human Resource to Information Technology and Finance and there are a handful of institutions that specialize in Finance. Opting for the latter offers you many incentives. To start with you would be taught by faculty members who specialize in this subject area, the course content would be highly focussed and most importantly you would study in a competitive environment where your fellow students have similar aspirations as yours. This brings the best out of you.

Look At The Programs
It you opt for an institution that specializes in finance they would offer wide choice of programs and some of these include MBA in Financial Planning, PGD in Financial Planning, MBA in Financial analysis etc. Each of these programs varies in their course curriculum and focus area. As an aspirant it is important for you to go deep into their course program and choose one that has great demands in the market and also suits your interest.

Exposure Offered
Let’s be honest, you have the option of studying in a college in a vibrant metro and one in the remote parts of the country, which one would you choose. These days exposure has become as important as academic lessons in the competitive world. From listening to guest lecturers to taking up internship projects, studying in a big metropolis has many advantages. They expose you to the biggest of challenges that you are likely to encounter while working in the industry and this prepares you well. Also you will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with the top businessman in the country and this in itself is a great learning opportunity.  

Placement Record
Last but not the least, you would dream of having a lucrative job offer in hand once you have completed your course program. Placement record is one of the major factors that differentiate the top MBA finance colleges from the ordinary ones. Don’t fall prey to claims of “100% Placements” but also take a closer look at the companies that have hired students from the institute and try and find out the kind of salary packages they have been offered. This isn’t difficult as the top colleges are open about their campus hiring.

These four things will lead you to a top college for finance studies in India and would create the perfect platform for a rewarding career.

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