Insight into Your Prospects after Completing MBA in Finance

The Indian economy is on the roll and manufacturing and services industry here are among the fastest growing in the world. As the country becomes the one of the shining stories of the global economy, millions of jobs are being created. Studying Management is one of the best ways to draw mileage out of this boom. Naturally hundreds of thousands of students in India opt for management programs both at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Among all the other specializations in management, finance is the top priority for most students. MBA in finance opens up numerous opportunities for you in your career. Here in this short write-up we take a look at why this course is popular and what are your career prospects for the future.

Why MBA in Finance?
There are several specializations that one can opt for while studying MBA and these include Marketing, Operations, Human Resource Management and Systems to name only a few. But among all these Finance is the most sought after both among the students as well as the recruiters. This is thanks to the fact that specialization in Finance revolved around the core philosophy i.e. profit making. This is common to every business across industries and hence with specialization in finance you would be able to fit into any industry.

Once you have opted for this course you would be trained in the art of decision making that allows businesses to invest their capital and multiply it in the shortest time period. This is easier said than done as every decision you take would have short term and long term effects on growth and profitability. All decisions need to satisfy the interests of four core groups – business owners, shareholders, customers and employees.  From studying the opportunities in the market to analysing the risks involved with any decisions, you would need to carry out a 360° analysis before proposing any strategic move.

Job Prospects
This is what ultimately matters at the end of the day. The course you opt for has to offer you good salary and also growth prospects for the future. This is where MBA in Finance becomes the top pick for most students in India. The opportunities for this specialization isn’t restricted to the financial sector alone as business cutting across industries hire people with sound knowledge in finance  You can work anywhere in the corporate world. Every industry has a need for financial expert for maintaining the balance of capital. Here are some of the roles that students with specialization in finance find them in regularly.

  • Investment Banking
  • Financial Consultancy
  • Risk Assessment
  • Asset Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Banking
  • Hedge Fund Management
  • Private Equity Management
  • Treasury

To make the most out of this opportunity it is important for you to enrol in a reputable institution that would teach you the fundamentals of finance and prepare you for all the challenges in this industry. Opting for an institute that specialises in Finance would be the best thing to do as they have would have a comprehensive curriculum that prepares you well for the industry.

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