Master of Business Administration (MBA): Finance Degree Overview


Finance is most desirable field of the MBA program it deals with the distribution of resources and responsibilities with respect to time under certain variable and predefined conditions. Finance is considered as the part of Economics in the earlier 19th century and it sometimes uses aspects of Economics. Now Finance is developed as a whole individual subject and it is also called as science of money management.

Financial management involves the study of commercial and industrial banking, real estate and investments services. It uses managerial skills and experience to control, collaborate and review of capital investment for commercial business considering time value of money. This whole process is considered as Financial Management.

Why MBA in Finance-

There are some other disciplines of MBA such as HR, Marketing and OM etc. and these disciplines may also have some good demand in industry but MBA in Finance is the most desirable Management specialization in today’s world. Now a day’s most of the countries is passing through a phase of industrialization, the establishment and growth of industries are only possible by the better Financial Management of the money and other resources to utilize these resources in a profitable manner. Hence the requirement of Financial Planners, Managers and Professionals are the most desirable as compared to the other specializations of MBA.

Course Layout& Admission-

MBA in Finance is a 2 years Management degree program. The eligibility for this program is a graduate degree with good percentage.

As we all know that the nowadays highly skilled financial professionals are very desirable for industries establishment and growth. Hence the students are trained and educated as such that they can develop skills of managerial decision making to take the opportunity and establishing proper balance among condition of certainty and uncertainty with the profitability.

This course involves study of Personal Finance, Global economy research, Corporate Finance, Public Finance, Investments analysis, Resource management, Budget analysis etc. to prepare the professionals as such that they can cope up and work with in any industry. Students that are pursuing MBA have opportunity to gain experience and enhance their skills by working with some reputed companies through internship program.

Some of the reputed institution requires GMAT/CMAT score card for the admission in the any of the management program but institute conduct their own admission test for selection process. Management in Finance can also be done by the distance learning program offered by some educational institution.

Job Opportunity-

As we discussed earlier the financial professionals have very broad scope in the organisations as well as very good and attractive salary packages. According to some American research in the upcoming years the job requirement for the financial professionals along with very good competition has to be increased by 10 to 15%. Financial professionals can also work in the banking as well as non-banking sectors because all the organisations in the world have to deal with the financial assessments. Professionals having degree with a course in Finance have opportunity to become an entrepreneur or to work in government as well as private sector with a very excellent salary with respect to skills.

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