MBA in Financial Analysis: The Knocking Opportunity For Finance Aspirants

This article will serve as a program guide to the students who are looking forward to do MBA in financial analysis from a recognised college.

With ever increasing challenges of capital and financial market structures, the need of the time is to pursue a course that gives you specialised knowledge rather than a general overview of all the subjects. MBA in financial analysis will fulfill this need of specialisation in finance and enables one to shoulder the responsibilities of blue chip multinationals in their financial matters.

Where to look for?

International College of Financial Planning offers MBA in financial analysis program that has been acknowledged by the CFA Institute University Recognition Program.

More about the program:

If you are looking for a distinctive program that will facilitate you to work as a knowledgeable, experienced and trained finance professional, then MBA in Financial Analysis is the right kind of program. It endows its students with the up to date and significant theories as well as practical knowledge.

The program is structured as per the norms of three levels of the most prestigious CFA program so that the individuals can find a stable ground at a globalised economy and can offer a continuous innovation in work culture. Insightful knowledge of the world capital markets and maximum financial concepts enable one to take crucial decisions while holding a responsible position in a company.

MBA in financial analysis prepares you to meet these challenges and come out with realistic solutions to the existing problems.

The program includes the classes- theoretical, practical, knowledge based group discussions and problem solving sessions. The classes entail the motto of imparting the values of a niche finance professional into an individual.

In institutions such as International College of Financial Planning, the classes and the curriculum is so designed that the students can apply the concepts learnt in class to realistic situations.

Highlights of the MBA in financial analysis program from International College of Financial Planning:

  • The program offered is recognised by Union Grants Commission (UGC)
  • The content is devised keeping in mind the latest global industrial requirement and is updated time to time as per the changes in the market conditions.
  • The students get study environment and exposure like foreign institutes due to high standards of teaching as well as the enthusiasm of on campus alumni.
  • Minute details of capital markets are studied as it is easily understood that all the finance dealings are directly or indirectly dependent upon financial capital market dealings of stocks, commodities, equities, futures and options, debentures etc.
  • The program is inclusive of three research projects and an internship program for around 6 months.
  • A student has to appear for a total of 22 papers at the completion of the program that includes the subjects of personality development as well as business communication.
  • The program is integrated with all the three levels of CFA program that in a way is a preparation level for those who are looking forward to do CFA program after MBA in Financial Analysis.
  • The program allows the students to go for live market visits.
  • The program is recognised by University of Mysore which is a mandate by UGC.

Thus, the program offers many benefits to the young aspirants especially when covered through a reputed institute such as International College of Financial Planning. They can explore alluring career opportunities through the placement support cell of the institute.

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