Placements – The ICoFP Advantage

The ICoFP Advantage

Achieving what most finance education schools would only dream of

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International College of Financial Planning Ltd, in its 15th year, as an institute has been able to achieve, what most financial institutions would only dream of. We have been achieving close to 100% placement record since its inception in 2002 wherein every ICoFPian was placed with best of the companies, desired profiles and most importantly, with deserving compensations and benefits

International College of Financial Planning (ICoFP), is an institution of excellence in financial services education. ICoFP sets itself apart through a strong industry interface, student driven activities and a global perspective fostered by strong and best international linkages across the globe. The tremendous intellectual pool of our faculty combined with continuous hands on experience provides the students of ICoFP, a sturdy platform to launch them higher in the management horizon.

Best of the companies have been demonstrating the faith in our growing brand equity. Among the praises showered by most of the recruiters visiting our campus, one comment seemed to be common, ICoFPian are conditioned to perform well in this highly impatient Indian financial industry from day one. Moreover our student performance has always been far above the recruiters’ expectations and hence they end up making more offers than they anticipate, on our campus.