Recruiters Section

Recruiters Section

Talent groomed at ICoFP serving the world of finance.

7 - Recruiters Section

Dear Recruiter,
It is a privilege for me to present the International College Of Financial Planning. The need of financial education can be more felt than imagined. We, at this specialist institute, are contributing our best to accelerate the pace of individual development. We prepare our students to demonstrate academic and professional endeavors.

Our Institute employs high quality study material, teaching aids conforming to international standards, effective research study and adequate industry interface through regular seminars and conferences.

We follow distinctive approach and tutorial system which underpins a culture of close academic and personal supervision. At our college, we provide a supportive and stimulating environment. Students interact closely with their lecturers and fellow students, sharing ideas and opinions. Our program more closely reflect on individual interests and skills, and require a degree of independent thinking and study.

By the time students finish their studies , they would have developed high levels of initiative, self- discipline and creativity. The post graduate study enhances employment prospects and gives a tremendous sense of personal achievement.

All this contributes to the professional development of our students, who through their investment in an intensive industry integrated curriculum, are more productive in their career maps as future financial advisors.

The Institute is proud of its reputation as the industry leading financial institute in India. Our sights are set on tomorrow and on fulfilling our mission of encouraging our students to reach their full potential. Our graduates are our best recommendation and we look forward to helping you reach your own success.

Ms Vani Bajaj

Chief Mentor