Top mutual funds to invest in 2018

Investing in stock markets is a tricky business and not everyone has the time, inclination or most often the knowledge to invest freely in stock markets. For those of us who feel so there exists the beauty of the mutual fund. So, what exactly is a mutual fund? A mutual is a trust which collects money from a number of investors who have a common goal for their investments. Once they have collected these funds they then proceed to invest it on behalf of the investors through a professional set up which will be backed up by trained professionals to process the information being put up. So, in this way it becomes beneficial to the investor who wants to put his money in an investment vehicle but lacks the time or inclination to do the research but these days the number of mutual funds available to you are many. There are mutual funds for every goal and time period. So, in such a scenario where do you put your money? We have come up with a list to help you with this decision. Following are few of the top performing mutual funds in no particular order.

  • Motilal Oswal Long Term Equity Fund

The fund’s objective is to predominantly invest in equity and equity related securities at which they have been quite successful over the past few years considering their three-year rate of return is at 13.60%. This scheme has been primarily made for investors seeking potential growth of equities with the added advantage of tax savings.

  • Invesco India Tax Plan

Another solid fund with a very similar set up like the previous fund. This fund has outperformed the market constantly for the past 10 years. This is encouraging enough for you to invest your hard-earned savings with them.

  • Aditya Birla Sun Life Tax relief 96

An open-ended fund with a minimum buy in of ₹500. The only drawback which is possible with this fund is that there is a 3-year lock in period. One you could ignore if your aim is long term growth combined with tax benefits. With a 3-year return over 12% it is a fund which definitely deserves your attention.

  • IDFC Tax Advantage Fund

Another stellar performer which will rival the performance of the funds before this but keep in mind this list is all about the best in the market.  The projected return over a period of five years is close to 24%. This is fund to definitely consider if you looking for something long term.

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