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Virtual Classes for CFPCM

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virtual classes - Virtual Classes for CFP<sup>CM</sup>

Welcome to New-Age Learning!

ICoFP understands how challenging it can be to complete CFPCM Certification especially if you are in between multiple courses or working full time. Juggling between various commitments and time spent in to and fro travel can take a toll on an individual.

Keeping the learner’s convenience in mind, ICoFP has launched the Virtual Class Platform that enables you to access the training from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere in world.

The platform connects all participants in a virtual classroom where they receive training from an expert via a live video link. Participants are interconnected via audio and video, enabling them to interact both with the instructor and fellow classmates.

Completing CFPCM certification would now be so much easier.

Training Hours: 125
Program Duration: 5 Months
Program Schedule: Sat – 3-6pm
Sun – 10-4pm

The Virtual Classroom is designed with the CFPCM Exam in Mind

ICoFP Virtual Classroom cohort begins every 2 months. You can attend a virtual classroom and interact with instructors and fellow students. And if you miss a class, don’t worry – all classes are recorded for playback at any time in the future. This allows students enough time to properly prepare for the exam. With over 15 years of experience in delivering CFPCM education, ICoFP has sorted the optimal schedule that minimizes the time gap between education requirement and preparation for the exam.

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