CFP Certification For Financial Planning

In the global Finance services industry, there is a huge demand for professionals with super specialization in their respective field of studies. All companies, corporate and wealthy private investors look forward to consult an expert financial professional in order to plan their investments and allocate their funds in accordance with the futuristic trends and maximize their profits. A proper planning and systematic funding plan can reduce the risk and increase the returns on the income. For such a planning, one needs to consult a Financial Planner. The Financial planner usually works in close association with a financial analyst to devise out the most profitable policies of their client. It involves analyzing the reports and graphs and any other important data relevant to the client and brainstorming and formulating a suitable strategy to get success or stay successful. There are several professional courses in financial planning that can help a student prepare for the challenging job of the Financial Planner. These courses are designed for fresh pass-outs as well as for experienced executive employees.

The most prestigious and highest certification in the field of financial planning services is the CFP Certification. This certification has international recognition and the professionals (around 100,000 of successful candidates) qualifying CFP certification is trusted as the most capable people to handle the financial planning issues for any client. The Certified Financial Planners can work both as freelancer consultants and offer their services to anybody willing to seek a professional advice or they can join a company and work exclusively for formulating the financial framework for its accomplishments.

The professionals willing to qualify the prestigious CFP Certification usually start preparing quite early. One can take admission in a CFP Certification training program and practice under the guidance of some industry specialists. One such institute popular for the CFP Certification program along with the other reputed courses in Finance is named as International College of Financial Management. ICFP has been disseminating the proficiency and educating its students about the theoretical and practical aspects of financial services industry for a long period of over thirteen years now.  The total duration of the CFP Certification course is five months. One can apply for this course after completing his 10+2. There are three campuses of ICFP in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata respectively.

ICFP has well trained industry experts to train the students according to the international standards of the CFP certification. It is an industry integrated course and proper arrangements are done to provide live industry experience through in-house training and workshops. It is a market leader with an alumni base of around 11000 professionals. The students here are allowed to access the rich database available for references. The rigorous training, role plays, company visits and the availability of last years’ examination papers help one prepare accurately and gain the right set of skills. ICFP is authorized education partner of Financial Planning Standards Board, India (FPSB).

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