CFP Certification Program

Are you looking for a bright carrier opportunity in the finance sector? If yes, it is necessary for you to know about CFP course. It is an international level prestigious certification program that helps you to get a unique recognition among all graduates in finance. The certification enhances your resume and helps to start a great career in the sector. Your job opportunity is not only based in the country level but you can try your luck for international job opportunity.

There are more than 30 countries where CFP is valid. The program stands for Certification in Financial Planning. It means you will get the certification for achieving higher level of efficacy in financial planning. A CFP exam that is organized by the Financial Planning Standards Board of India (FPSB) for Indian youth only. Likewise, there are several other committees of CFP in different nations that regulates the exam. Once the certification is granted, international level banks, MNCs, insurance agencies and many other respected institutions offer prestigious job positions such as finance manager, team leader etc. A challenging work environment is offered that requires to handle various types of finance related planning including insurance planning, retirement planning, employee benefits, tax planning and estate planning. Today, CFP has more than 1 lakh qualified members working across the world. If you wish to qualify CFP, here are some guidelines to follow. There is a certain eligibility that every applicants has to prove. Regular and Challenge Status are two pathways that applicants can choose.

In Regular, a candidate must be registered under the CFP Regular Pathway and should have 12th pass certification during the time of enrolment. It is must to qualify four level of examinations that covers:

  • Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning
  • Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits
  • Investment Planning
  • Tax & Estate Planning

Any 12th pass students can also apply to the Challenges Pathway. The exam has 4 papers and those who qualify these papers can look forward for final paper that is the 5th paper. Examination preparation in both the pathways is not easy. Special attention is required to give for preparation of the course. The exam level is tough. Applicants have to do systematic planning for the program preparation. Joining a coaching institute for special guidance is required. Applicants can join a special CFP course that prepares students for the exam. Some leading finance management colleges organize CFP Certification course. The course of study covers with illustration and practical training. Applicants can join for MBA in Financial Planning or Diploma in Financial Planning for the preparation of the certification. MBA program that includes the curriculum of CFP can be beneficial as it offers dual benefits. Applicants prepare well for the certificate exam and at the same time, they get a degree. It would be a wise choice goes with. The CFP course is your top source to enter to the world of higher level of financial degree. It prepares students for tomorrow’s challenges.

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