How to Find The Right Institute for Higher Studies in Finance

Finding the right institute is as important as finding the right course. Why?? Because the right choice of the study course will decide one’s career path and the right choice of institute will decide how one walks on that career path. It might not have been that important to focus on the institute a few years ago, but in present time, it is a must and every student understands the importance of the institute. There are so many deciding factors to measure the effectiveness of the institute- The courses offered, the teaching staff, the modes and techniques of teaching, the syllabus of the courses, the reference material, the extra academic activities, the industry exposure opportunities, the practical implication opportunity of the theoretical teachings, the teacher student interaction and accessibility, the alumni sessions, the resources, the placement effectiveness, the urge to update the students with latest trends in the business world and last but not the least- the reputation of the institute in the corporate community.

All these things contribute to the overall grooming of a professional passing out of any institute. The student does not become a professional merely with studying the books, but he evolves with the constant rigorous activities to shape up his mind, thought process and analytical abilities accordingly. Every year lakhs of students take entrance exams with a hope to secure admission to the best MBA in Delhi; because they understand that having MBA degree and having MBA degree from the best MBA are two very different things in practical.

In Delhi, many management institutes quickly came up in last decade to cash the increasing demand for MBA courses. With fancy outlooks and superficial claims about being the best MBA in Delhi, they succeed in attracting students too; but one must be very careful and cautious in deciding for the most suitable institute. Apart from the courses available, one must look for the experience and qualification of the teaching staff, the facilities and activities mentioned in the curriculum, the placement history and if possible one must try to get some feedback from the alumni of that institute.

International College of Financial Planning is among the pioneers offering best MBA in Delhi. Established since 2002, it has earned a great reputation among the financial planners on national as well as international grounds.  ICFP offers its students a wide array of financial courses with varied duration to choose from. There are full time (two year) programs of MBA in Financial planning and MBA in Financial Analysis; one year post graduate diplomas, distance learning programs and special short duration programs for executive class as well. In addition, ICFP is also among the few education centers offering effective training for the international certification of financial planning (CFP) and chartered financial analysis (CFA®). It has a proven track record of success rate and students feel proud to be a part of this institute. International college of Financial Planning is playing a great role in providing best education to develop world class financial experts.

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