Why MBA in Finance?

Gone are the days when just a degree of MBA was enough to lure a rewarding job in a multi-national company. Nowadays it seems like every sector has become a professional institution that need to be managed by high quality specialists of various fields. In other words one can say that effective managers are required in all establishments whether they are in health sector, wealth sector, education, real estate, events and entertainment or any othersector. The big question now arises is- ‘why MBA in finance?’

Until a few years back, students generally used to prefer Marketing and HR specialization in post graduate business programs. Finance was left to the graduates in commerce stream. Gradually with the increase of globalization and professionalism in the work culture, and with increased exposure to the world class economies, we started understanding the relevance of post graduate diploma in finance.

This laid the foundation for a full fledged degree like MBA in finance. Well, let us take a step back and look at the corporate culture. What is the ultimate purpose behind any establishment? The answer can be either profit making or non-profit making (social responsibility).  Now, if the reason is profit making, then how to maximize it while coordinating with all the other aspects of the establishments and competing with the co-existing players in the market and within the government and political and environmental economics. Company finances have certainly outgrown beyond the profit and loss statement. And only an MBA in Finance knows how to deal with all these challenges. Hence, there is ample need of qualified finance professionals for almost every such firm globally.

For the establishments that are found with non-profit earning/ social welfare purposes: You would be wondering why one would seek a post graduate diploma in Finance here? The answer is simple. Every working unit needs some funding to continue its operations. Usually employees are paid from the earning when money earning is the business motive of a firm. But when money earning is not there as the end result, one need to seek funding for sustaining the establishment. The firm would need some intelligent finance professional who can help them in constant fund raising efficiently and effectively. Here also the finances extend beyond the asset and liability statement and require one to have not only the complete know how of the business studies but also know how to effectively use them with financial framework of the company for the long life of the firm.

Considerably, it is apparent much that why MBA in Finance and post graduate diploma in finance are the one of the best appreciated course options in present as well as future prospective. A thorough knowledge of this field will surely empower you to land in a position you always wanted to start your career with. It will also serve as an important asset if you plan to start your own business as well. Go and get financially smart!

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