Achieve Academic Excellence through Finance Courses

In the age of competition, it is very much needed that in India, we too should have some professional CFA training institutes just like various other developed countries. These institutes are needed to train the deserving and talented students and bring about a new class of finance professionals who can make subsequent contributions in improving the economical conditions of the country.  Such people who can understand the financial advancements at a global perspective have the potential to give a strong financial foothold to our country.

There are a number of finance courses that can certainly help in directing the youth towards their areas of interest but CFA training institutes are a step above an ordinary finance college. For those graduates of finance who are determined to continue their studies further such institutes serve as a boon. The students these days understand that it is not only sufficient to have a basic degree qualification but an advanced education certification such as CFA certification is very much needed for a rewarding career.

Why more and more students are opting for CFA certifications these days?

CFA i.e. chartered financial analysis is a globally recognised certification. One who holds this certification is known as ‘the charter holder’. A charter holder is empowered with the acute knowledge of the high level finance functionaries and is capable of understanding the details related to financial implications which are otherwise available only at the top level management of multinational companies. That is why the CFA training institutes play an imperative role in bringing about a new class of talented and wisdom prone students who can make a difference to any economical scenario.

In India we have institutes such as International College of Financial Planning (ICFP) that provides the opportunity to pursue this certification. This course is imparted under an affiliation with AIMR.

Other specialized finance courses at ICFP:

ICFP also provides other finance courses to the students which includes the learning of CFA and CFP certification programs:

  • MBA in Financial Analysis (Includes all Level of CFA® Program)
  • MBA in Financial Planning (Includes all Level of CFPCM Certifications).
  • Post Graduation Diploma in Financial Planning
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Analysis.
  • Certified financial planner (CFPCM) Certification.

These MBA & PG courses are recognized by the University of Mysore and well adopted by the students over the years.

The college has been assisting students for successful placements with the multinational firms with a proven track record of around 100% placement since inception.

These above mentioned courses help the students to lay down a strong and enriching foundation in the various subjects of finance. They develop a good understanding of the subjects and their core contents. They also become aware of the roles and responsibilities required to perform after pursuing these courses and are trained on various live projects regarding the same.

Their valuable internship programs act as a strong foundation for an introduction with the business world.

After completing these finance courses the students get placed in the renowned firms and gain work experience. A determination to achieve excellence drives the students to attain the world class degree and enable them to enter the business world with flying colours of academic brilliance.

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