How Will Studying For An MBA In Financial Analysis Benefit You?

An MBA in Financial Analysis is one of the most challenging and difficult qualifications that an individual can attain: that is why it is so highly regarded, and why employers are so keen to work with individuals who have high level MBAs from highly regarded institutions. For many prospective MBA students this can make the idea of studying feel very daunting, but the benefits of success far outweigh any potential risks. Here are just some of the ways in which studying for an MBA in Financial Analysis will benefit you:

Career Progression and Earning Potential

No matter what kind of financial MBA you are interested in completing, many prospective students find it hard to justify the costs involved in becoming a student once more, particularly if they have already started their careers and have a relatively well paid job. Returning to study often involves giving up your job, applying for student or bank loans to pay for your course, and of course, an lot of hard and intensively academically-focused work. However the payoff for the investment is considerable, making it well worth the effort for the most ambitious and career-driven. An MBA is the most widely recognised and revered qualifications available for those working within the financial sector, and can open up an incredible host of new avenues and provide you with a range of new skills in the workplace too.

For those with financial motivations, those individuals who hold an MBA have a considerably higher earning potential than those who do not. Where you wish to be based after you have completed your MBA will affect your earning potential, with MBA salaries in America and Europe ranging from $90,000 to $200,000, and MBA salaries in India ranging from $30,000 to $100,000 (depending on your experience, skill set, and the quality of the institute you have secured your Financial Analysis MBA from). The International College of Financial Planning is the 1st institute in North and East India for their high standards and quality, and 3rd in India.  The International College of Financial Planning has been recognized by the CFA Institute in the United States for its MBA in Financial Analysis program, meaning that it is the ideal choice of institution if you are hoping to really boost your earning potential, or work abroad once your studies are completed. It is often said that money can’t buy happiness, but in reality it can help you to create the life you want for both yourself and your family, meaning that the harder you work and the more you invest in yourself now, the better off you will be in the long run.

Build a Business Network For Life

If you want to build a business network of your most successful peers, and industry experts whom access to might otherwise be difficult then there is no better way of creating that network than by studying for an MBA.  Your MBA studies will teach you the best ways to interact with colleagues, professors, and teaching staff: you will learn how to forge memorable relationships that will last a lifetime and that could prove significantly beneficial throughout your career. Your MBA will also include an internship as part of the programme, in order to help you to hone your skills in a real, high pressure, financial environment, giving you a direct link to high level professionals who could ultimately help with your career progression.

An MBA in Financial Analysis is an advanced education in a very specific situation that can quickly help you to acquire new skills and knowledge that will be massively beneficial to your future career in financial analysis. It can open the door to new opportunities that you might otherwise not be open to, and you will gain practical experience that you simply can’t gain in any other way. There is no better way to launch a high profile financial career, with incredible levels of earning potential, than by studying for an MBA in Financial Analysis at the International College of Financial Planning.

Contributed by Gemma Finnan

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